Stentors: Single-Celled Giants

Stentors: Single-Celled Giants

this video is so cool to look at a Single-Celled that have 19 species , all have their own way to alive.
larger than a tardigrade
talk about the structure.

(o! I found out that it is a new channel build by Hank Green)

Very cool information! You could in fact try building one of these in Thrive right now, if you are willing to play for long enough as you would be looking at 30 or so generations even when opting for size over efficiency to get to a cell of this scale, but it’s certainly possible.

One thing I’m wondering though is what would the incentive be for players in the future to make these once multi-cellular organisms are introduced? Wouldn’t these large single cells get out-competed in almost every aspect eventually?

If you specialize enough, perhaps you can become a sort of cleaning organism in the guts of a multicellular organism or maybe even a parasite using the body plan of a stentor. And again you could just keep increasing the size of your cell to consume larger organisms until you reach some sort of limit.

but some of the function isn’t include in the game.
wish to add some of it.

Off course, certain specific organelles from the video are not in the game yet or require unimplemented systems.

The general idea of building a really large unicellular organism is possible in Thrive right now, that’s what I meant.

Well technically speaking there is a maximum size: The size of your screen in the editor. Since you can’t zoom out / move the camera what you see is what you get.
Also, it is impossible to create a ‘hole’ in your creature I think, due to how the membranes are stretched. (I remember trying this in an earlier playthrough, even though I had 2 spikes at an angle of 40 degrees with nothing in between, the membrane was still stretched between it.)

In the editor I made a circle around a empty center and in gameplay it was filled in

Ahh yeah that’s true, the membrane is coded to fill in any gaps. This may or may not change in the future depending on if someone wants to work on a system for this kind of thing.

As for the maximum size and camera zooming in the editor, I believe that this will definitely change in the future, it would be pretty silly to hard-limit cell sizes with the player’s screen.