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Hi! I’m CalvinTheEarthling. I am a huge fan of your game and i support it with all my heart. I read your space easter eggs topic and you mentioned “evil empire”. That made me spark the idea of a whole addition to Thrive:
Story Mode.
You guys think you can add that to the game?

That would be a huge addition to add, and would have no point. Isnt the base concept of Thrive a story anyways? Evolving a tiny cell into a thriving alien civilization?


I meant like you playing a big role in the game, with the Thrive galaxy caught in a struggle between good and evil.

Do you mean a war?

If you do, just note that wars arent just good and evil, each side has their own ideologies, views, and perceptions on certain things.

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No, i meant like Dragon Quest; the ageless battle of shadow/stillness/cold and light/change/heat.
I’ll explain more later cuz i have mid-school; if not tomorrow, Thursday, or Friday evening, then on the weekends.

Thrive for life!

@CalvinTheEarthling I dont know if a story mode is appropriate for thrive. But thats simply my opinion, i think the whole idea is as you play you kind of “write your own story of evolution”
Also, if you want to directly support the game you can support me (and by extenstion development) on patreon at the 5$ tier and get access to the indev versions for it (and we put out multiple dev versions a day) :slight_smile:

That sound like a Tell-Tail Spin-Off.
Maybe when Thrive is finished, Tell Tail will want to do that. (Kind of hope they don’t though.)
For now the development team should focus their efforts on Thrive its self.

but sometimes both sides are evil, and are just competing to grab the most power!

Bit off topic, but didn’t telltale go bankrupt?

Edit: Though, another company could still do it, but I don’t think they would unless money is involved.

You’re right; eventually we’re gonna have to put a price tag on this.

And by we, i mean you guys.

I don’t think a story mode would be a great idea in a game so based on sandbox principles like Thrive, in which the player creates a story with the actions they take.

It could be cool if there could be pre-created scenarios, however, that set up interesting situations that highlight features of Thrive. For example, maybe one situation could have you take control of an extremely advanced yet deteriorating galactic empire that could use its transcendent technology to either wrest back control of the galaxy or advance the development of other species. Another could put you in charge of a creature’s evolution throughout a catastrophic extinction event with drastic climate changes and potentially game-ending catastrophes.

Kind of like the scenarios in Civ V.


If there were to be scenarios, one I would like to see happen is one which takes place in an alternate earth setting.

So for example, the world still has features like the continents, the moon, and certain natural disasters (Like the KT mass extinction), but the creatures are different based on the games systems.

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I really like that idea, but what if we could take this another step further? Not only with official scenarios, but also with community scenarios and a community workshop. This all might be too much to ask from a not at all funded, with 0 profit game though. Maybe this all would work better as a long time in the future mod…


Why need a mod when you could get this into thrive, straight from the dev team, later on?

Yeah, you’re right, there is not a need for that, but i still like the idea of more of a community workshop with a few official scenarios then a full on story mode

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Even if we don’t implement scenarios, sharing your own would still be as simple as uploading a save file to some section on the community forum, so it seems pretty likely that something like that will be a thing at some point


That is true, but it is still miles off of it being what this post is calling for.