Strategies for 0.4.3

So with Thrive 0.4.3 out for some time now, which strategies and “builds” have y’all come up with? I personally like playing plant-like organisms in the surface, althought I haven’t seen any benefits in becoming eukaryotic yet, o you could say I’m a bit of a photosynthethic bacteria.

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I usually make a rush to the surface and at the zone with 100% light I stock up with the prokaryotic photosynthetic organelles, when I reach the tide pool I usually have 4 photosynthetic organelles. I do one more evolution with the photosynthetic organelles then get my nucleus. I start getting pili and flagellum and become a predatory species.

I forgot the names of all the organelles and couldn’t check cause I’m with family

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as of now, there isnt any real incentive to become predatory. doing so only puts a burden on yourself and makes the game more challenging. this is because once you evolve a pilus or a toxin organelle most other cell will now have it and it essentially becomes much harder to play when compared to a game where predation is based entirely off of “big cell eat small cell”

i’ve said it again. and i will say it again. once you have enough ammonia and phosphates to divide. DO NOT divide. stock up on as much ammonia and phosphates as you can (try to fill the bar up by 80% on both compounds) and then split. this is so that once you split. your cell will be bigger than your sister cell and you can eat them. this basically allow your cell to instantly divide again.

Becoming eukaryotic in resource lacking patches is a big common mistake i see many people making. its not worth it. the nucleus uses far too much energy to be useful down there and it should only be unlocked once you have a stable supply of food. eg the sun

this is a common one most people are aware of after they play thrive for a while and that is to never place toxin organelles. this is because the game becomes much. much. harder. engulfing cells can result in insta kills and many small toxin shooting bacteria will begin to pursue you. evolving a pilus (which i wouldn’t advise if other cells have yet to evolve it) is far more beneficial in comparison

Speaking of pili. if you do really want to have some. evolve two on the front side of your cell only if piliated cells along with toxin cells have evolved. a cool feature of the pili is that it collides with the toxins and can be used as a shield. so when you stab and kill toxin cells. the once extremely deadly explosion of toxins can be deflected from your cell. (also never engulf toxin cells)

if you do not plan on moving to the surface. evolve a rusticyanin. i cannot speak of the power this small organelle carries. it is so very much overpowered. it basically allows you to store energy in the form of iron ions.

unless your prokaryotic cell is very large (which it shouldnt be when you’re not at the surface, being large is not sustainable in resource rare patches) you should only evolve 1 rusticyanin. i have had my life saved on numerous by that overpowered thing.


Does this actually work in 0.4.3? Is this not fixed: Engulfing your own species should be blocked · Issue #919 · Revolutionary-Games/Thrive · GitHub

holdup. let me re-check and see if it still works.


edit: yup still works.

i dont edit my cell at all so that might do something?

You could help us fix the issue if you make a video of what you do to make it happen.
I’ve reopened the issue on Github.

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