Subnautica: Below Zero

Is anyone else hyped for this game?

It would be “cooler” if it is called sub-zero

Thats actually not a bad idea. I might have to message the developers about that.

i’m exited!

Im to i ruined the base game so im looking for a new story

HA HA! Ha… me to, but just make a new save

I ruined the story the ending :cry:

oh, me to, i coud not resist

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i don’t mined spoilers :fire::smiling_imp::fire:
i’m evil

I personally got to around the part where you get the upgrade-station for the moonpool, and the last area I found was that dead river thingy, so pretty late-game, then I lost my save. I feel like the game is a bit too grindy to start all over again just to see that last part of the game, so I’m just waiting for Subzero to come out to get the full subnautica-experience form start to end

The lost river did u know a lot about the precursors if u do u were late game.
Also bellow zero is a different story u cant do it from Aurora to Artic