Substages for multicellular?

I imagine that fishes evolve and come onto land, then, the primitive tetrapods, which have a brain, but not “awareness”,
they begin to get larger brains, and just when the first mammals evolve, we enter the aware stage. I bet I got much of that wrong, because people say aware stage starts with a brain, but I believe it should live up to it’s name by starting with the creature getting emotions and awareness, like a dog. This proves for a very long stage, so I would want to split it up:
Diploid cells and haploid cells
Cell colonies and algae
simple worms
jawless fish
fishes with jaws and cartilage
primitive fish from the meme(Tiktaalik)
primitive amphibians
basic tetrapod
Cynodonts being evolved, and immedietly transition to aware stage

A bit of clearup: Diploid to simple worms are already covered by multicellular, Though I see where you’re going.

Aware stage is when things get nervous systems and brains and such. When creatures get smarter, developing emotions and whatnot, that falls into the category of ‘The Awakening’, or the final part of aware/pre sophont stage (not sure about that second part - I know these sections exist, however where emotion gaining falls is a good question)

I personally like how it is currently divided up, though the name might be a bit of a misnomer. It implies that aware stage is once you reach sentience, the ability to sense and meaningfully interact with your environment, which I think is a good dividing line

The main difference between sentience and sapience is self-awareness. A sentient being has consciousness, the capacity for sensation, and a subjective experience. Many animals can be described as sentient, although it’s hard to know for sure what’s going on inside a fish’s head. Sapience, on the other hand, is marked by a higher level of cognition and intelligence, or in a metaphorical sense, the ability to adapt the environment to them. We are sapient creatures.

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You’re getting too hung up on the IRL classifications of organisms.

There is no reason to think that “mammals” will be a thing in game, unless you personally go out of your way to adapt all of the mammal-like features in your organism.
That isn’t a forgone conclusion, though, and you could just as easily go a full play through without ever seeing an organism with enough mammalian features to be called one.

Fish to amphibian to reptile to mammal, is not a set in stone ruleset for biological life, and it almost certainly won’t be in game.

There will definitely be an upward climb of complexity, but the specifics of clades and their characteristics will likely be entirely different for each play through.


I don’t understand this whole substages thing? Like someone please clear up why people care. Even given that substages become a wildly important and essential fact of thrive, this is a horrible spread. It’s just some of the stages humans happened to take. The only substages should be things that redefine the game but not enough to be a stage (land/sea, cell editor/tissue editor, even though that’s multicellular it’s a good example) and be absolutely necessary to get to the next stage/inevitable. Like, what if a jawless fish gained the ability to go on land by sticking their head in a crab carcass to prevent their head from drying out and forges metal like that. Where do they fall on this? What about an ant! And what about radially symmetrical stuff that goes never even evolved into a worm! Or triploid organisms! This is just a list of things humans did evolving, and I do t understand why it matters. It’s a cool list, but what even is a substage if this is what people include?


No you got the aware stage all wrong.
I would rather call these milestones then sub stages. And if you mean gameplay substages, then they would diffrent depending on how you evolve.
Aware stage animal-like being (because it’s unlikely that not animal-like being will evolve even a basic nervous system) is a being with a basic brain and nervous system with it. Bassically being “aware”.
Also what do you mean transistion to the aware stage at the end? Aware stage ends with you getting a sapient being. Which you don’t even get out of water to achieve it.
But there could be some substages but not like this
This is better
Animal with a simple brain
Animal with a basic brain in water
Animal with a basic brain land-water transistion
Animal with a basic brain on land
Animal with an advanced brain (land and water or even flying) bassically right before the awakening.
BUT it’s hard to tell when brain is basic, simple or advanced
So it could be gameplay substages, but gameplay is depending on description would be countless or go through multiple stages

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What about animals with advanced brains underwater (octopi)? Or secondarily aquatic creatures (mosasaurs)? Or flight (it’s pretty significant)? Or trinaraly land creatures (like land dolphins)? Or quadratically aquatic creatures (land dolphins that returned to water)? Or creatures that after achieving advanced brains underwater evolve to live in land (land octopi)? Or if flight is a stage what if a sea creature got flight (flish)? Plenty of ideas, both stupid and sensible, aren’t included in this linear map. Reminder: quite literally the only things needed to enter the awakening stage are manipulators and a big brain. Anything else can be skipped or done 37 times. Sure, civ stage need living on land, large scale teamwork, and a farmable food source, but that’s society. No one’s stopping you from dead ending, I think that’s the beauty of thrive.


This list is the “main” path, but the player can make tangents and sidetracks to get diffferent creatures as a result.

This isn’t even necessarily the main path, that’s the beauty of thrive. It’s just the one we are most familiar with.


As twilight said, it’s not the “main” path.
It is a highly specific path that 99% of the time will not happen in game, unless you specifically go out of your way to do it. There are no tangents in biological life. Adaptation is not a stair step program to get to sapience.

Sapience is the player’s default goal, but the game itself won’t care how you get to that point. At all.
It also won’t care which features you have adapted when you reach it.
Get big brain, get grasping appendage, done. That’s it. You could do that immediately upon landfall if you wanted, so long as you have the ability to support the energy needs of that brain.

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you could do that before landfall. underwater civs are legal so long as you never get metal, thats the barrier.

I’ve grouped all the animals with advanced brain into one “substage” not giving them any diffrence.,

I guess? Sounds reasonable