Sudden Speed Increase in Multicellular Stage when very low FPS

Current Version
I noticed something weird happened in the multicellular stage. Sometimes when the game get VERY laggy the speed of my multicellular became CRAZY fast, and after some radom time it trun back to normal, and just repeat again and again.(because my native language isn’t English so if I have some spelling or grammer errors, pleas forgive me).

Can someone teach me how to upload the log.

probably copy paste it? idk

I want to say that I have seen this situation too:(
btw it will be triggered if there are too many cells in one screen.
it would be much better if your colony go away and make other cells or colonies unseen. (out of the screen)

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I fixed the tags on this thread (this is not a visual bug if this affects gameplay outcome, i.e. movement speed).

It’s been known for a while that the game “speeds up” a lot when the performance gets extremely bad.

0.6.2 has new performance related updates to despawn player reproduced colonies if over the entity limit. So the first thing to do is to try the lowest possible entity limit to see if the performance stays at reasonable FPS like that.