Suggestion accumulate points if they are unspent, especially when changing biomes without mutating

I love taking my fast, single cell straight to the 200 lumins tidepool biome, THEN mutating into a plant. The species becomes stage 6 by the time you get there. If you mutate, it takes longer to arrive at the tide pool.

It has been talked about in the past as to what to do about unspent points in the editor.
Some suggestions have been:

  • grant some buff for the player (like more population or some other buff)
  • allow the player to save up the points (I find this to be quite unrealistic as the editor represents a fixed period in time, so it doesn’t make sense that you can save up the “time” to use later)
  • adjust the amount of time passed based on how many points the player uses, this would slow down the other species evolving

Though, so far my preferred solution which has also been discussed in the past, is that we’ll add something like organelle upgrades, or the behaviour editor, which could be used to soak up the few remaining points that you usually have left over, solving the problem of not being able to use all your points effectively.


Yea, its only in reference to traveling through the Biomes. It seems difficult to mutate into a light loving plant while under deep water in the dark. So you have to spend a mutation traveling.

I thought about this long and hard the past few nights. Why not just literally charge 100 mutation points to travel. That way you can use the illusion that the species used its energy to travel, which is reality, instead of using it to mutate or procreate.

We talked about that, but in the end it was decided that it makes more gameplay sense that the player is allowed to move and make their cell better adapted to the new environment in a single editor cycle. Otherwise the player would have to prepare one editor cycle in advance for the conditions in the new patch, and try to survive for one more swimming around session with the new adaptations for the patch they are going to move to, as the new adaptations might not be optimal for the current patch.

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