Suggestions for Concept Art

What job you have and why are you broke?

I don’t have a job. Thats why Im broke. Im a full time student in college. I cant handle a job and school rn (i tried once–too stressful for me)

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Also, i am working on the giant sloth sketch (i promise!) But I also have a physics test today, and alot of homework due tomorrow (as i usually do at the end of the week) and friday im volunteering at an easter marshmallow drop --so im a little busy…

I’d love a winged guinea pig ! Or any kind of winged rodent really
As for who would win the fight , immortal dragon is literally immortal so I guess it’d be hard to defeat him xD

I can deff do a winged rodent no prob! And as for who would win… im ace so i automatically ace everything~ lol :sweat_smile:

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Hence why I suggested what I did. It let’s you ink your drawings and makes a digital copy that you can edit with most programs. Still is pricey though.

So, at the time, I am very limited to what I can draw with. I decided to draw with pen, so this is the best I have.


I liked it ^^

Thank you.

Let’s swim with the fishies!


Wait picture change again?

I don’t have many drawn concepts for you, but I do have planet designs if you choose to use any.

I was thinking that middle planet could possibly be the origin of that creepy looking fish concept (which is used as the forums background) and the old forums flying lizard banner. Though it’s a gas giant, it could harbor some form of land underneath the layer of clouds.

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Hey buddy, since @jellyfishmon has been inactive for a while, i would like to see if you can tackle this creature i thought up of, and bear with me here, this was ripped from my old post within the “I’ll draw your organisms” thread.

Midelians (legit name to be decided)

Midelians are aliens with a strange body type compared to most other animals in the universe. Their head is their torso, having their major organs crammed in the partially spherical body. The top of their head is the roundest part of them, with the front, back, and sides being flatter. Below them is a hip structure where the legs are supported, the hip is the main thing that keeps Midelians from being rounder. (I want extra detail put in that area, because i dont want them to be mere circles, and i dont want them to be potatoes either.) They have strong arms and legs, with the arms having shoulders level with the middle of their face. Their limbs are also similar to humans in this regard, but slightly more muscular if you know what i mean. This race is also strange due to the structure of their face, being rather cartoony. The eyes are fairly good sized, and the mouths are able to change size a great amount. They have no nose, and hear from the vibrations felt all over the body. Their diet is similar to humans, being omnivores that can eat many varieties of meat, fruit, vegetable, etc. They also live in climates similar to humans.

This is one of the things i wish i could draw by myself, but i have the drawing skills of a 1st grader and would frustrate myself trying to draw something like this.

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No problem, i’ll get to it when I get back from school, or I might make it there when I have the time.

im going to try and start up my art thing again sorry for the long break lol