Suggestions for Concept Art

So! I really wanna make more concept art for Thrive–other than the one I posted on another fan art thread–and I kinda want to hear other people’s thoughts on what creature they’d like to see. I will admit, my strengths are NOT in lizard-like creatures. I do better with mammalian like creatures with drawing–I like drawing fur, havent mastered scales. But Im open to hear suggestions. Also, if you’re an artist (or not) I wanna see your art too. Even if its just a 10 minute sketch. I wanna see it

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What about stem-mammal can you draw stuff like that?like dimetrodon

I can TRY drawing that, but a dimetrodon is essentially a giant lizard. Be right back~~challenge time
Welp, here it is. I started drawing the dimetrodon, but I made it more aquatic because I didnt like drawing its legs, and so its more of a chimera.


I couldnt really figure out how to attatch an image to the thread other than making it a pin then posting the link to it. (Sorry) but maybe its because im on mobil. Also, I couldnt really draw the water in right, so yea the background is blank but the thing is meant to be kinda floating in water. Edit: I played around with the water and background again, its still not great… but at least its colored.

And here is the rodent creature I made yesterday, I posted it on the other thread, but I figure y’all might as well see the style I draw in. I do semi-realism, my drawings typically arent extremely detailed. I cant really draw scales or lizard skin very well. Personally, I think the rodent creature is a much stronger composition than the giant lizard.

I want you to draw a giant sloth

You got it mi amigo :+1: but… later~~I have college in the morning and its 10:30 at night. Dragon’s gotta sleep~

There are two dragons in this coommunity

We must do battle… there can be only ONE dragon… :dragon_face::dragon:

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@Green_Ace_Dragon vs @immortaldragon i wonder who would win?

Depends on what kind of battle. I dont mean to brag or anything… buuuuuttt… im pretty great at checkers

What aboout Go the most complex game ever

Im still working on the gaint sloth thing, but I wanted to tell y’all about how I go about creating my art. They all start out as hand drawn sketches. Then I take a picture of them so I can digitalize and color them (in some cases) using the Pics Art app I can add filters and change colors, do alot actually. So really both of my sketches started out like that. Im not super adept at digital art, but you dont have to be as long as you can make an ok sketch. Even if its just in pencil. I mean, yo guys sketch away.

If a dimetrodon is aquatic it is just a spinosaurus

Well… its not AS big as a spinosaurus. And… its legs were difficult to draw… so yo, gave him fins instead. And I like making chimeras, instead kf straight forward animals. Like you tell me to draw a dog you better believe im giving it wings or something.

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…speaking of which, there is a good chance im giving the sloth wings, just sayin’. … or, like, ill morph it with a plant since sloths get moldy.

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  1. You don’t need to draw scales to make something lizard-like. The only time you need to do that is in extreme close-ups or if the creature has really overly large scales. Dragons are an example of the later but you only have to draw the pattern scaley if it has a pattern. Ex: a diamond back rattle snake’s diamonds

  2. Have you heard of a Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition? It is a bit pricy for a collage student but it may be just the thing you need to get into digital art. I have one and it works great.


PS: I used it and Krita to make my profile pick.
PSS: it took all of 3 minutes to make the pic and upload it.

Ggiant sloth faster than modern sloths

Thanks for the tips/tools. Im not a digital artist, personally, its not that i wouldnt like to try–but i am broke (hahaha) and i like the physical aspect of paper and pencil. I can digitalize sketches ive made pretty ok. Ive always wanted one of those drawing tablets to give digital art a try, but alas they are also expensive.