Sulfur producing Photosynthesis

for those who dont know, there is a type of Bacteria that produce Sulfur instade of oxygen in Photosynthesis by using sulfur compunds instade of oxygen ones.
my question is, if it should be in the game, and if so, how.
my idea if you find a Sulfur rich area with a lack of oxygen, while getting the photosynthesis ability, if you do not have a nucleus yet, or if you have one, you can get the ability to get it like you get the Photosynthesis ability right now.
for the later stages, I think they should act like plants and they can only expand/get to if they “sulform” the area next to it. and if the player chooses an alternative method of getting energy while still using the sulfur photosynthesis ability, it could only get out of the sulfur rich areas for an hour to hunt before needing to go back to the sufur rich area to not die, just like some marine mammals.

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As I can understand, by “oxygen compounds” you mean CO2.
Actually it would be cool to have it in the game, but I don’t really see how sulfur photosynthesisers can become multicellular, and even more than that, hunters of some kind. To answer this question we need to know, why there is no active plants on Earth and what conditions are preventing it from happening.
I heard that plants are just way slower in producing energy therefore they can not be active. May be I am wrong though.

I think it would be cool to have a whole planet that had plants that make sulfur. Maybe the animals would have to adapt to be able to breathe in sulfur, because things on Earth can’t really do that.

It is definitely LAWK so unrealsiticness is not a reason not to include it. It would be useful for planets where sulfur is more abundant than oxygen.

for your other question, I renember there was an idea that there could be a half plant-half animal creatures, so that idea is for if this mechanic will be in the game.

there is a type of Bacteria that produces sulfur instade of oxygen, my idea is that if one type of Sulfur-producing photosynthesis creature thrives and evolves into something (or things) we can see in the naked eye because of the areas where they live have enough sulfur that they can thrive in them, or because they can tolerate oxygen aswell.

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Wow I didn’t know that

This idea is not just incredible but really in a need to think about.
Not just to stay attached to the Carbon-Hydrogen life forms that we know, but to drive a little far from our Earth in imagining other kind of life around the universe. Like phosphorus, nitrogen or silicon

This link shows a little more of alternatives for life support elements
This one Shows alternatie life forms

If I remember correctly, the devs are only planning on making carbon-based life forms, since lifeforms based on other materials are just too unknown, and would only be speculation (and it would take too much work)

When has that been a reason to not include the option of including something in the future? Basically all of the plans are so complex that it takes forever a long time to finish everything.

But I agree that this most likely will be behind the non-LAWK mode switch.

*cough * cough * underwater civilizations * cough * cough *

Okay. When it was theoretically possible with known physics.