Survival in the asteroid belt

Round 0 Year 0 Month 0
Yet another in the asteroid belt asteroids and comets are roaming nothing is out of the ordinary.
until tiny creatures the size of a rice where crawling on the surface eating asteroid grass and plants.

Asteroids can vary in sizes mostly medium and it’s very hard but it’s possible to dig into them.
There is some dwarf planets in the belt.
there is only nutrients on asteroids no water.
The vegetation on asteroids are abundant for most times.
Flying out of the asteroid belt will freeze any creatures that don’t have cold resistance and will drift in to the void… never to be seen again unless if they fly back.
Radiation is active all times.
Predators can’t hunt bigger prey unless if they are designed to hunt small.
Parasites and detrivoures’s maximun size is small.
Predators can’t hunt prey which is better than them in power unless if there is significant parasites on the prey.
If a prey is worse in statistics than it’s predators and have nothing to fall back on they will go extinct next month (next round) if they didn’t adapt.
Extinction events will happen every 5 rounds will push atleast 3 stats by random numbers. (there will be development of the upcoming extinction events) with bigger ones taking longer and smaller ones taking shorter.
2 mutations per round unless genetic recombination Tier >1 and self fertilezation,etc.
It’s not possible to use radiation as something other than fotosiyntesis
The asteroid belt is cold but in some parts where plants are abuntent are pretty warm and areas where moss and grass and shrubs are superior are freezing cold.
It’s impossible to digest the nutrients in the asteroids only plants and detrivoures (sort of) can unless if your species is adapted doing that.

Credit to @aah31415 for inspiration check him out.
The mutations always succed
There is 7 conservation statuses
EO - Extremely overpouplated
HO - Higly Overpopulated
OP - Overpopulated
UC- Under control
UP - Underpopulated
ED - Endangered
EX - Extinct
There will be 7 sizes
Macroscopic - Size of a Grain of rice
Tiny - Size of a Spider
Small - Size of rat
Medium - Size of a man.
Big - Size of a cow
Huge - Size of a Elefant
Giangantic - Size of a T-rex
In order to increase size you need a ugraded respiratory system,Ugraded circulatory system and maybe even a better digestive tract as bigger size needs more food.
There is 7 Statistics
Sizes changes Stealth,Mobility and Power.
The first people to remix will branch from the starter

Limagrisos Astero - The meteor slug. - OP

Macroscopic Hebivore
Limagrisos Astero has evolved to eat grass and moss.It doesn’t have limbs so it’s only possible to spread to other astromical bodies through plants,It lives and it laids it’s eggs in areas shaded by anti-radiation plants for them to not die. And they have basic sensory organs.
Intelligence - 1
Power - 1
Stealth - 10
Perception - 1
Defense - 1
Mobility - 1
Immunity - 0
Player count: 2/3

seems interesting so i’ll join
scientific name: inanis luxfur
common name: green tooth slug
M1: cells that steal chloroplasts from the plants
M2: teeth to grind up harder plants


This looks quite good, I’ll join.

Name: Chaixphin Yedaampal

Mutation 1: Basic Genetic Recombination

Mutation 2: A pseudo-exoskeleton, increasing defence.

Where names (nick name and Scientific name)

What nickname you use?

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Here is it written up correctly:

Name: Chaixphin Yedaampal, AKA The Yedaamal

Mutation 1: Basic Genetic Recombination

Mutation 2: A pseudo-exoskeleton, increasing defence.

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Seems cool, I’m going to join

Taxonomy name: Pazzus Obrisca
Nickname: Tiny Giants

Mutation 1: It develops a larger stomach to store more nutrients
Mutation 2: It starts to grow flaps to move better and get to plants faster

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