Survival in the Forum

Nah the journey of the only predator came to an end I shall follow it to the grave here

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What if Deus revives you? Do you want the species to become a NPC?

Then maybe i’ll come back I suppose

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Honestly I don’t think there is much time left until the game finishes, perhaps the end will come before it’s first anniversary lol.

@doomlightning and @fralegend015 I need your votes.

Mutation 1: Speed

Mutation 2: Deus creates a virus that will infect the mist, making organisms that are in covenant with him better at fighting against it.


if i either take control of or abandon the mist, can i join the covenant?

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Yes, you may do either of these actions and join the covenant.

  1. improve invisisblity
  2. develope counter vs the curser
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You have 1 more mutation to submit.