So I decided that I’d think of some stuff for the cell stage as I feel people don’t give it the love it deserves.

I think the cell stage should have symbiotic cells, this would probably work better for the npcs then the players but allow the player to be able to be parasitic where like it could attach them selves to another cell with a pillus and not kill it, or let one cell live in/on another cell I imagine this last one would be late game so you can have different species of cells in one multicellular colony like an animal cell attached to a plant cell. (Please discuss this more and sorry if it didn’t make much sense as I’m at work so it’s hard to type)


I imagine it being a bit simpler, as in plant cell population can be controlled by grazing cells, and the grazing cells get food in return.

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Yeah we’ve thought of basically having a “straw” pilus which you can use to drink the compounds from other cells without killing them. Combine it with a grappling hook and you are basically a mosquito!

We’ll have to see if this gameplay works or is OP etc. One counter we thought of was tannisomes which make the cell unpalatable.


Isn’t mitochondria in a sort of symbiotic-relationship with cells? If so, then the planned endosymbiosis, would fit the bill of having symbiosis in the cell stage.


Does somebody know a website or video about the cool features of microbes? Because I’d like to know more but I can’t find one.

Well there’s the Microbe Stage GDD, but I’m not entirely sure how up-to-date it is.

its very out of date :stuck_out_tongue:

I collected some of the videos that Untrustedlife found into a playlist. Watching microbes in action can be a good way to help understand them.


Here’s a really cool video, just skip the part with the guy