Talking about Spore Creatures (DS)

Ok, this is gonna sound really silly

My dad has a hacked DS which has every DS game ever. And out of all of them, one of them was usually my first pick: Spore Creatures. So lets discuss.

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I havent played the game, but looking at images and reviews it seems like quite the interesting game

Oh, I LOVED that game.

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Oogies have always been my favorite creatures because of that game

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Yes, I also enjoied Gar’Skuther very much. He should have been in Spore (PC) too, as a cameo/easter egg.
Or as I’ve known him, GASCUTO L’UNTORE.

Anyone know any DS emulators?

This was one of the first ds games I ever owned and I still have it.

Us handhelds gotta stick together, amirite

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