Technology reaserch stuff

I just wonder if there ste going to be reaserch time and if your as a player would be able to extend it
For instance if youre order a heavy tank there would be the 1st prototype which would be in dome aspects food so your would order a 2nd prototype with upgrade the bad aspects. And IT would extend the reaserch tíme.
And if your would Havel multipe companies working on a 2 prototypes. Which would be difrent in some
Aspects ea.:the no.1 prorype had better guns and penetration but the prototype no.2had better Armor.
Your would choose which companies prototype would be more useful in the situation youre in.

Edit: im not saying to not Have a tech tree at All im just saying that it is a dumb to Have a tech tree for equipment and i would like to Have experiment al stuff in thrive too. Because the experimental vehicles and equipment Made in IRL big changes on the battlefield and in prototypes t for instance the T-34 tank had like 3 prototypes before it was Made to not peoduction.

This was already discussed for both, technology and organisms here, here, here and probably in many other threads as well. It’s a lengthy reading, but it’s surely worth it. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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