Technology without Sapience

How would the game progress if the player evolved a creature that can invent but is not sapient or capable of language?

The most realistic solution seems to be for the game to continue in the aware stage, but with a tech editor availible. Unfortunately, it seems that this would be a lot of work for a rather rare case

Another solution could be excluding this possibility, which I feel would be unsatisfying

The best solution I can think of would be to progress to a simplified version of the awakening stage, with certain features unavailible due to the lack of language or intelligence

What I’m interested in is a nice mind that’s components are nonsapiant but as a whole is smarter than any human.

Technology without sapience is really just instincts, or learning to mimick your parents. To actually invent something properly you must be sapient.

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I can agree with that so long as the tech editor is part of the instinct editor and hive minds can develop sapience without their contingent parts having the trait.

At most, animals that aren’t sapient may use rocks as tools.

Ok but that doesn’t rule out technology without sapience. What about something like a spider’s web, would you make that in the technology editor? What if spiders evolved to make little nets out of their webs to catch prey? That’s pure instinct, but would probably count as technology for game purposes.

Once the tech editor is implemented ~75% of the work for something like this would basically be done right? It’d be cool if someone around then would go back and implement it into the aware stage.

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It’s not technology because technology is meant to extend its user’s capabilities. The spider is already able to create its web naturally. We humans used sticks because our arms were not long enough to grab something or simply not dangerous enough to attack our prey.

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tHaT’S nOT techNoloGY bEcaUSE HuMAnS aRE natURALLY CAPablE oF pIcKInG UP StICKS.

It is an object that is not part of the organism, but extends its capabilities. My point is that this case is already covered by the tech object editor, which we already need, so it’s a dumb idea to create a separate editor for edge cases like this. Whether it technically counts as technology is irrelevant.

For that matter what about beavers or apes, the make things out of their sticks like humans do.

then space rockets aren’t technology because humans aren’t naturally capable of going to space, so it doesn’t extend its user’s capabilities.

Didn’t they say the exact opposite? Rockets are technology because humans naturally can’t go to space.

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no, because it gives humans the ability to go to space, it doesn’t extend the ability to go to space.

To me “extending its user’s capabilities” includes enabling entirely new things, then again I’m not a native English speaker.


Like I said why don’t beavers count then, and a spiders silk has no more to do with webs then ore does with skyscrapers. Even if we say that a technology has to be learned, not instinctual, why not co-opt the tech editor for them? I mean, it’s just prudent, what else would you do?

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