Teleporter Cell!

A spike on my cell touched the spike of another cell(same species), and i teleported into a place far far away(still in the Tidepool) and there was visible tilting into the 3RD FREAKING DIMENSION!

EDIT : It happened again, and the screen turned gray.

Is this with I think for 0.5.4 the cell tilting shouldn’t be able to happen again. And Godot did some physics fixes for their new version that 0.5.4 also uses.


That’s a sign that the cell glitched out of the backround or something.

Well, the background is not in fact infinite:

The universe is finite!!!


that’s a story for a big physics debate

Well the background should follow the player cell, so the position must have gotten messed up somehow by the physics so that the background couldn’t stay in place.

Its confirmed: Thrive is flat.

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i am now a flat THRIVER. (not really since the 3rd dimension is coming soon)