Tell me extremely obscure facts about thrive

I think you already know that I made the Thrive iceberg, and now I’m working on an improved version

I need more entries, so comment here some strange things that are quite obscure, for example, strange happenings in the old forums, strange comments in the programming, lost versions or something like that

In the files of old versions of Thrive, I saw the sound of rain, as HH told me, such files still remain in Thrive

Level: Mesopelagic
Entry: r/ThriveU8PCivsPipeline
Explanation: a small subreddit made for the forbidden discussions of wether underwater and/or plant civilizations are possible or not, so called “Underwater Civ Talk”. The subreddits full name is Thrive Underwater & Plant Civilizations Pipeline.


There is a Ducky somewhere in the game. Can you find it? (I cant)
Also, Elysian Eclipse references Thrive on the splash screen.