The 5th Dimension

This will be my most ambitious forum game yet, ( cant let doom out run me), this time ill actually program things to help. The stats will do things, and the writing will be even better.


A being of other dimensions appears infront of you, as it does all individuals on earth,

“Interesting, lets see how you fare”


An interdimensional portal is awakened, and you are dragged inside of it.



You gasp for air, but nothing comes into your lungs. You are in the middle of the ground! In some frantic way, you pull on an invisible rope in your mind, the ground shifts, as if you are rotating, but in another dimension.

You breath the fresh air, then collapse…

Will be updated soon…


I’ll probably be interested in joining as soon as I actually know what the game is about…

I will join (yes, I will join even before I know what the game is about), also, @everyone pings people that replied to the thread, as such, if no one replied it is useless

I replied and it didn’t ping me when you did that, I just saw the normal notification. Weird

because you got pinged

i will join to

that everyone

replying because I am interested to know more about it

so what is this game?


Imma join too. But i’ll ask, did you abandon pangea for this game?

Im trying to make a schedual rn, to evenly distribute the work, cuz rn i have no schedual and just do it when I feel like I need to