The advanced user guide?

I can’t find how to take the advanced user guide. Thanks. :open_book:

Advanced user guide?

I think we’re about to get Rick rolled…

you should have gotten a message from a bot asking you to reply and that will start the tutorial just do what it wants

I completed the normal user guide already. The advanced user is seperate.

no idea sorry

ok it’s fine

You can access it by messaging “@/discobot start advanced user”

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Thank you!

@Strangeday you are the best!

ah You put this Thread in the wrong Topic. thats why everyone was confused. for things like this use the Not-Thrive topic

I thought meta was for talking about the website

Yes that’s true> I agree with you, this is the correct topic for threads like these

Yeah, technically this is about the forum itself. But at the same time unrelated to thrive.

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So… it could work in both? Where is that flowchart now that we need it?

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