The ai overtaking the player

I’ve found the quote! Now the solution to this would either be A, makeing the ai unable to destroy/make the planet unliveble until the player atleast becomes macroscopic (it’s much more fun seeing the world end when you’re in the middle of it) or B once again not caring and warning player about it once toggled. I still don’t know why I’m arguing about viability because I have no hope of this being added.

With bigger time gaps the sapient species will most likely have a much higher chance of making themselves go extinct, so many species may come and go while only being a blip in your radar. The auto-evo would also have to be very simplistic for such beings, maybe even reducing them to a list of events for one editor cycle or two, if they’re lucky they could leave the planet becoming a spacefaring race you meet later on, or even taking your species with them, resulting in you surviving events like the sun exploding.