The ai overtaking the player

So from the discussion i’ve heard, the ai will not be able to overtake the player in most of the stages like cell - late multicellular , aware - society, society - space, etc. This thread will be about if the ai has no such restriction and can overtake you all the way to ascension and what that gameplay may look like because of this. Since this probably won’t be added to the game, go crazy.

This is a drawing I made a while ago. On the left is a concept of the player in the late multicellular/aware getting hunted by a hunting party in awakening. The other is the player stumbling on an industrial/society stage city (at the top of the page).

My multicellular/aware vs awakening - space stage ideas
  • the player being able to explore cities and watch their ruin

  • the player sneeking onto spaceships and spreeding to other planets, likely being highly dependent on the continued existence of sapient infrastructure and therefore only surviving for 1 or 2 editor cycles

  • The player being helplessly caught in interstellar wars or raids and having the exitesnional dread of the planet being glassed, bombed, or simply carelessly made unliveble at any givin moment

  • Being tamed!

My cell/microscopic vs late multicellular - awakening ideas
  • a random chance for a macroscopic organism to swim by, chucking the player across the map at a thousand miles an hour

  • a random chance for a patch to appear representing the skin or inside of a macroscopic organism, the patch travels around leeding you to patches you would have never got to otherwise

  • getting eaten by a macroscopic organism either dying instantly or being sent to that macroscopic patch whether you like it or not

My awakening stage vs society - space stage ideas
  • convincing the local society you’re sapient

  • getting your hands/claws/flippers/teeth on some very advanced weaponry

  • fighting a war against people with nukes only armed with the energy weapons you stole

  • fighting a war for the people with nukes

  • stealing a nuke

my everything vs ascension ideas
  • having a scientifically verifiable god

And that’s all my ideas. What do you guys think?


I beleive that NPC overtaking should be a toggleable possibility.
That way, players who want to play non-casually can have their preferred game style, while more casual players can have theirs.
It all comes down to the developer’s say, though.

Take it away, @hhyregeigarogeian!
(as in, give your two cents)

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I’ll just point out again that if you are a microbe, and a single editor session is 50-100 million years, that’s enough for a sentient species to win the game. So the AI overtaking the player by much will be an immediate “game over” state within a single editor cycle.

I assume what you mean by the player “losing” the game and the ai “winning” is that the ai ascends first, which I think can easily be fixed by simply allowing multiple species to ascend, that has its own problems though because that can result in hundreds of gods very quickly. Which can result in a much more volatile or simply unplayable game.
Another option is having it toggleable and simply not caring, then telling the player before hand they may not be able to ascend.
The last option could simply be not allowing the ai to ascend before the player catches up. I didn’t really think about this much because I’m the kind of player that never really cares about winning the game, for the longest time I’ve forgotten minecraft even has a win condition and I still never even set foot in the end legitimately.

It would be hilarious if, when you toggled the option you could be given an out of nowhere “You have angered the gods” type warning in society stage in your ‘realistic’ evolution game, and then actually get a biblical plague or something.


I’ve discussed all of these points as well before. I’ll leave that up to someone else to dig up the previous discussions.

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I’ve found the quote! Now the solution to this would either be A, makeing the ai unable to destroy/make the planet unliveble until the player atleast becomes macroscopic (it’s much more fun seeing the world end when you’re in the middle of it) or B once again not caring and warning player about it once toggled. I still don’t know why I’m arguing about viability because I have no hope of this being added.

With bigger time gaps the sapient species will most likely have a much higher chance of making themselves go extinct, so many species may come and go while only being a blip in your radar. The auto-evo would also have to be very simplistic for such beings, maybe even reducing them to a list of events for one editor cycle or two, if they’re lucky they could leave the planet becoming a spacefaring race you meet later on, or even taking your species with them, resulting in you surviving events like the sun exploding.