The birds and the bees

So quick question how will sexual reproduction work in the aware stage I mean I really prefer not to design a aliens gunk or watch them do it on screen so how can you keep it realistic without having to watch them go at it ?

Videogame magic.

wouldn’t that suck if it was like in spore where you dance to reproduce.

prom would be a mess, " I’m sorry I cant dance with you tell were married "

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I’d imagine you would look at a black censored screen while you hear a cacophony of alien noises.

Have them retreat into their lair. It seems resonable that they would search for a safe place for sex, and you don’t have to invade their privacy :wink:

In spore they have only nests, but many animals have some kind of lair or even a closed nest like a sphere or burrow nest.

If you don’t want to have this restriction that every player species needs to build lairs, you could take it the funny way and have them approach and then transition to a sequence that looks like a loading screen with comments like: “Giving them some privacy” “Don’t look, they are a bit shy” or something like that.

You will transition to an editor after that anyways, right?


I like the loading screen idea :laughing:

So heres the thing, even in the microbe stage we will be adding sexual reproduction, and other types of reproduction like budding, and we will probably show that. Of course its way differnet to show two microbes having sex then to show a big multicelled animal having sex. (Yes some microbes reproduce sexually), tis called conjugation.


So I take it this is one of those “we’ll cross that bridge when we get there” questions right, also please don’t post micro porn on the forms there’s kids watching

By the time the player reaches the late multicellular stage they have already seen plenty of hot cell on cell action.


Can’t wait. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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They are micobes that are attached to each other and thats all you can see, i’m pretty sure its fine lol.

How about adding an +18 Mode (turn on and off in the Settings) and when its on you could design Stuff and see Things at the Editor and when entering it. So basically let people who want to see realistic Evolution choose?

I dont think so , heh

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cough pervert cough

We will have to stop showing sexual reproduction at some point. Like I’m quite sure (and really want to have this in the game) that microbe sex is fine to show but at some point we will need to start only implying it.

I find this kinda silly but we will get so many complaints from people (I’m not going to point fingers yet) for including realistic biology in the game about evolution.

Not worth the effort and potential politics about including that and maintaining it in the game. Maybe some modder will make it…


Is that even a question, of course someones going to mod that into the game.
the real questions when ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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That’s all fine and well for the actual mating part of gameplay, but what about the display of genitalia during normal everyday-activities? Let’s drop our cherished adolescent humor for a second, since this still is an issue we have to solve. I mean, I would not be too thrilled to have parts of my creature pixelated whenever I look at it from the wrong side. Just making them quasi-invisible or very nondescript when not in action could work, I guess, although it is kind of inaccurate to restrict the players design in such a non-realistic way (Anyone who has a dog knows that mother nature did not care about what we find pleasing to watch, when she put gonads on them).

Did I say that I would turn that mode on? No lol :sweat_smile:

I’d assume, like most animals, your organisms would be able to retract their genitalia