The Cell Game

Ok, this game will basically be like a choose your own adventure, but it would need to work with the community, where no matter how popular a vote is, all choices made by you guys affect the story in some way.

BEGINNING: A secret government lab has created a single-celled organism that evolves extremely rapidly to adapt to certain conditions. Funding on the project only allowed a few options for us.

  • Use the organism as a means of weaponry to aid in combat
  • Research the organism to possibly obtain ways to aid humans in understanding in the medical field
  • Release it into the wild later on to help maintain the ecosystem in some ways.

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START OF THE PROJECT: It was a close call, but popular vote has us raise the organism in combat, and maybe a few other things if all goes well. Now that the project has officially started, we need to set a goal for our organism to reach to be the best at what it needs to.

  • Raise to rapidly spread, and cause lethal sickness to the population.
  • Raise to become a larger species, causing massive swarms throughout cities.
  • Raise to become massive, causing mass destruction through only a few select places, as it will not be able to reproduce as well.

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RAISING THE CELL: It is nearly a half and half with this decision, so we decided to do a bit of a mix of both: try and raise it to turn hosts into something like zombies that spread a secondary disease that can cause harm as well. Ok, now for actually raising the cell to what it needs to be.

  • Become parasitic, getting into the brain of hosts, and controlling their nervous systems from there. Will also carry varying diseases that targets non-hosts to become easier to become a host.
  • Become bacterial, and deteriorate specific parts of the brain to become violent. Hosts will also have lowered immune systems, catching more harmful diseases easier to inflict more damage to non-hosts, but have shorter lifespan to host.

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(accidentaly made the poll unavailable to see the people who made the results, sorry!)

DEVELOPMENT: It was decided that the cell shall grow to become parasitic. It will be a while before we manage it to raise it to become multi-cellular, but we should see how it should spread once the time comes.

  • Make airborne, spreading creatures through wind and mouth of hosts (coughing) to be contagious.
  • Have carriers that help spread the creatures such as rats, birds, and other small animals.
  • Simply hide in trees and other plants to await for a host to come close, then attach then.

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WE HAVE PLANS: Now that we have a plan for our new creature, we need to wait for it to evolve further. Once the evolution is complete, we can use it as a bio-weapon to our advantage.


RESULTS: We created an organism that evolves rapidly, eventually used to be a bio-weapon to rapidly spread and cause lethal sickness to the population, made to be parasitic and get into the brain of hosts, carrying diseases that targets non-hosts to become easier to become a host. Made it airborne, spreading through the wind and mouth of hosts to be contagious.



So what now

Now we feel disappointed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very dissapointing

Sorry, but i cant think of anything else to go after. This was my first forum game i made so dont expect too much from it :frowning:


I think it was awesome , so thanks !


I agree with Serial, it was short, but fun.
Good job Iā€™d say :+1: