The cutscenes only plays the audio and the FPS is low. (And I'm afraid it's because of my PC)

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When I play the game, the two games’ cutscenes are frozen (or slow enough to look like a PowerPoint presentation) and only the audio plays and for some reason (my PC, I think) the game’s FPS is slow compared to YouTube gameplays, but it’s still playable.

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What kind of rig do you have?


The video player for the cutscene has trouble running on low end hardware. It’s written by me but I’m not sure how I could improve the performance of it.

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Sorry for my delay, but does ‘rig’ means my computer? If so, it’s an ASUS Vivobook Max X541NA-GO472T laptop.


If I looked that up correctly the interesting part is that the CPU is:

Which is really low power, and the laptop only has Intel HD Graphics 505.

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