The Elbert Project

Hey everyone, I am currently working on my own game called

Elbert - The Game

It is based off one of my upcoming youtube series called, well, Elbert.
Its about a guy with the same name as above in his underground lab. Strange things are happening, and its up to him and his friends to try and get to the bottom of it. It is currently very early In development, and many of the main game mechanics have not yet been implemented:
-Local Multiplayer
-Other stuff
Also, I still have no idea how to code, most of what has happened so far has been due to tutorials…
Anyways, I thought I would post some images here to just to show others what I have been up to!

Ze spicy screenshots

He looks rather happy for the situation he’s in

'tis cool though

’S T R A Y A

This is before he realises his lab is being [redacted] by [redacted]

[Rather large statement, that due to privacy reasons, has been redacted.]

I see.

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Okay, so since I have no idea what the gameplay is going to be like, instead I’m going to critique the art.
First thing I see is that the pixel depth isn’t consistent. A pixel in one object is differently sized than one in another. This is a big no-no, for reasons that should be self-evident.
The next thing that I see is that you lack shading and texture. You don’t seem to be tending towards minimalism, so my advice is to have a clear progression from light to medium to dark, with less contrast on things that can’t be interacted with.
What shading you do have is minimal and only applied on one side. Ideally, you should be shading in all of the parts of the body that recede from the camera.
I also find your choice in colors to be unappealing. 0% saturated gray should really be given some hue. I recommend going into the cool colors for a futuristic and somewhat unsettling atmosphere (like Portal), but warm grays have their benefits too.
My other nitpicks are your circles (there’s a better way to do them that doesn’t make them octagons) and your background shows resizing artifacts.


Thank you for your feedback, though I probably should have mentioned this was not a final final draft, as the room is still a test of what unity can do, and may not even be in the final game. Tons of game mechanics are still to be introduced, meaning that once they are, I will begin work on a much more appealing level design.