The Fossil Sharing Thread

Use this thread to share fossilised species with others. Interesting species you or Auto-Evo have created during your playthroughs.

Currently, the best way to find your fossils is to go to Options → Misc → Open saves folder, go up one level, and go into the fossils folder. You can also find this folder directly at %appdata%/Thrive/fossils. You’ll find all the .thrivefossil files corresponding to your fossilised species here. Copying new .thrivefossil files from others to this location will add them to your in-game museum.


I didn’t make any fossils, because my species is obviously the superior one over all others (I forgor to make them).


what extension does it have?


As with the save sharing thread, you need to find your own file hosting to share your fossils.

Is there not a way for us to authorize our own custom extensions? (Would that present a potential security risk?)

We could (at least I think so), but they’d take permanent storage up on the forums.