The future is wild, the forum game

I was bored, so I decided to do something about it and made this forum game, which is more or less a homage to the future is wild series

For some contextual backstory, this game happens in universe because of the extinction of humankind due to pollution and climate change, with the organisms now being left to their own devices

If you couldn’t tell from the name alone, this is some sort of homage to the future is wild series, meaning it will take places after present day, therefore, the starter species must be animals on earth that is alive today, preferably ones that have a high chance of surviving the pollution and climate change problems

This is the format you are going to employ for your species:

Scientific name: insert scientific name here

Common name: insert common name here

Group name: insert the name of the group the species belong to here (must be lower then the phylum ranking)

Alternative group name: think of it as a common name, but for the group the species belong to


Speed: give a description of how fast it is

Stamina: give a description of persistent speed wise it is

Attack: give a description of how good at attacking other animals it is

Defense: give a description of how good at defending it is

Intelligence: give a description of how intelligent it is

Description: self explanatory

Ancestry: again, self explanatory

Traits: give a list of traits it has that is important or need to be mentioned

Signature ability: give a ability that a species has that is very useful at its survival

Also, there are some rules:

  1. Try to make the changes realistic, so no mice the size of the solar system

  2. Try to make the changes gradual, so no sudden ability to fly

  3. The starter species must be alive today, so no dinosaurs

  4. Any joke species would be kept, as meme, but would be non canon

  5. If you can get attached very easily to your species, I suggest staying away from this forum game, because it would contain extinction events that all have a chance of making your species extinct (it’s not a rule, but still, it’s for the good of your emotional well-being)

  6. Don’t break the rules (except the fifth one, as it is not a rule), or else you would receive a terrible punishment

So far, we are at round 0, meaning you have to pick a extant animal from today to choose as a starter species, it’s isn’t until round 1 that the real fun begins, hope you have a great time


I just read the title and liked it so i haven’t even read the description but I’ve been waiting for someone to make this game so i wouldn’t have to and could participate I’ll edit this when I finish reading it. Edit: I love the concept, I’ll go with rats, I plan to get them into space through flying and make them the size of Jupiter, as you said, it’s smaller than the solar system! Lol I’m kidding I’ll still go with rats though.

Okay, but don’t forget the format that I put in the original post

no problem.

Scientific name: deinothere onyxsmilo

Common name: bigtooth

Group name: megapods

Alternative group name: big rats

Speed: not too fast, 15 mph max, but powerful rear legs allow for ridiculous pouncing speed and jump distance.

Stamina: uses panting and wallowing to regenerate stamina and isn’t great.

Attack: huge. along with strong but not sharp claws the bigtooth has, well big teeth. it’s main weapon is its huge incisors that are used more like fangs. they aren’t used like a sabretooth’s fangs for the killing blow, because, being rodents, if the teeth are broken they can just regrow. this allows them to be far more careless with them, slicing and piercing with reckless abandon for massive damage.

Defense: the bigtooth uses the philosophy that the best defense is a good offence.

Intelligence: quite smart but not primate level.

Description: large and catlike, but more heavyset. striped and large.

Ancestry: rodents.

Traits: 6 feet long, 600 pounds, 2 meters, 272 kilos. predatory hypercarnivore from north america.

Signature ability: incisors and their ability to regrow. see offence.

should i make some more critters?

Good submission should I say, but it isn’t round 1 yet, it isn’t time to evolve your chosen animal yet

Oh. Shrug.

Post filler.

Actually, come to think of it, you can make more creatures, just follow the rules

Also, you forget to put anything in the stamina section of stats

So I want to add something interesting to the list:

Scientific name: Birgus Euntes
Common name: Walking Crab
Group name: Corticesiccos
Alternative group name: Cracker Crabs

Speed: Not great runner on land, about 4 Km/h, slow swimmer in sea, about 10 Km/h.

Stamina: Can breathe both at sea and on land (but mosly on land) in branches branchiostegal lung, hindmost and not develops gills (when they young, they lost they gills to make room to breath air), but they need the place moist, which limits them to the beaches, and with it, also limits the Stamina to a low level.

Attack: They have a particularly strong pinch that is capable of cracking coconut, and even bones, serving them as their main attack.

Defense: They have an outer skeleton made of chitin and chalk, they also sometimes use coconut shells as protection.

Intelligence: They are not very smart

Description: Big Crabs with huge pinches and tough legs.

Ancestry: Coconut crab

Traits: 1 m’ long body, 1.6 m’ long legs, 9 kg. Omnivore From south-east Asia.

Signature ability: giants pinches, robust exoskeleton and big legs.

It’s ok?

To be honest, it’s a little early, not saying it’s against the rules, but normally, one could start by evolving birds or mammals or reptiles and stuff

Well, it’s not that early for any creature, I was thinking of something more special.
After all, in the series they also used octopuses there, so there is really no limit to what is possible (as long as it is real and possible)

Okay, make sense.

Also, I didn’t mention yet, but, after the round is done, I would make misc animals to add to the realism

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