The Future of Mankind: An Evolution Game

After a turbulent history on Earth and about Sol, humanity has ventured on to the stars. As humanity spreads into the vast timeless void, a few changes are bound to happen. This game is about those changes; More specifically, it is about the future evolution of humanity

We start with modern humans, with a variety of advanced technology (high-powered ships, superstrength materials). They live in planetary colonies, mainly, though you could also have terraformed worlds, satellite habitats, or permanently inhabited ships. We’ll exclude anything like gene editing and advanced cybernetics so as to keep evolution in check

Form for new species
Inventions: (what major advancements have they made that will affect the evolution of their species)
Evolution: (what traits they evolved, and why these traits. Don’t go too far in one turn)

Here’s an example species
Name: Recliner
Ancestor: Human
Inventions: None
Evolution: They are adapted for high-acceleration, with stronger ribs and better organ support. The most notable part of this is that they now spend their life on their back, lying on a sliding plate and using their hands and feet to push forwards. Also, they have a longer, more simian jaw in response to their more vegan diet
(NOTE: modern humans are the only ancestor allowed for this turn)

Each turn, the old species will be removed, replaced by the new species, mainly because it’d be weird for modern humans to continue alongside highly derived humanoids