The Lost Music of Thrive

Everyone is familiar with Oliveriver’s amazing music, but there have been other composers in the history of Thrive’s soundtrack. Some of their tracks aren’t seen in the approved submissions playlist but are seen Narotiza’s playlist for Thrive music.

What makes you think some of those tracks weren’t approved?

Yeah, like mehdikazim’s ones. (technically twos)
Lol i just liked them but as the head of music of thrive is busy (@Oliveriver) and the supreme king (or di-king) Henri I hasnt an answer, I think at least this year i dont get an answer. Here is the link to them:

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There were some other tracks by some guy I forgot his name but his music was really good. It was never featured in the thrive soundtrack tho.

If you could be more specific about whose music you’re referring to I can probably give some insight.

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I remember there was this guy who ‘made’ a whole lot of music for the Thrive soundtrack, until it was revealed he actually plagiarized other peoples work. He was promptly booted from the project and never heard from again. I can’t exactly remember his name though, but maybe that was him.

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I think his name was Doggit. I remember him signing up on this forum last year when I didn’t have an account…

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**double post

Anyway, i think the guy who i mentioned earlier was called thegrandtotemaster, he composed music for Thrive then he left the project I think…

Here is an early concept for thrive’s theme:

I don’t think this was ever included in the Thrive Approved submissions:

This is another Thrive piece of music I don’t think was included:

Yep. That’s why none of the tracks from Thrive Game Italia are in the playlist, except a few recent ones he made himself.

This is ancient, and since we never used it as the Thrive Main Theme, I didn’t include it in the playlist.

Some of his stuff is in the playlist. The tracks you linked I didn’t think were good enough in their current form to be approved.

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I liked thegrandtotemaster’s music concepts, especially the Aquatic chase and the Unearthly landscapes themes. They both could have been a lot better though.

I will admit, this alternate thrive theme is pretty good! A bit on the rough side, but if someone remastered it, the music could actually fit pretty well in the game, maybe as a microbe cutscene intro.

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Yeah, it fits with Thrive on how technical and futuristic it sounds. It’s less poetic and fitting than Oliverriver’s main themes, but it definitely sounds good.