The macroscopic stage literally will not work

whenever im trying to transition to late multicellular, my game crashes with the error “Thrive exited abnormally with an error”. It’s really weird, and i’m wondering if that’s planned to be fixed. Is it just something with my pc?

The game shouldn’t crash there. Granted the prototypes aren’t tested super extensively, but I do keep an eye out to make sure they keep working. Could you provide any game logs from when the crash happened? Or if the launcher offered to report a crash dump, you should do that.

i’ll see if i can get the error again

cutting out this part, hopefully it isnt important
------------ Thrive Startup Succeeded ------------
Starting load of save: schbop.thrivesave
World generation settings: [LAWK: False, Difficulty: custom: MP multiplier: 0.2, AI mutation multiplier: 1, Compound density: 2, Player death population penalty: 1, Glucose decay: 0.95, Osmoregulation multiplier: 0.2, Free glucose cloud: True, Passive Reproduction: True, Limit Growth Rate: False, Fog Of War Mode: Ignored, Organelle Unlocks Enabled: False, Life origin: Vent, Seed: 835454730, Day/night cycle enabled: False, Day length: 180, Include multicellular: True, Easter eggs: True]
Jukebox now playing from: EarlyMulticellularStage
Applying patch (Basegormotic Volcanic Vent) settings
Number of clouds in this patch = 9
Registering new spawner: Name: ammonia density: 1.6
Registering new spawner: Name: glucose density: 0.5880734
Registering new spawner: Name: phosphates density: 1.6
Registering new spawner: Name: hydrogensulfide density: 1.6
oxygen spawn density is 0. It won’t spawn
carbondioxide spawn density is 0. It won’t spawn
nitrogen spawn density is 0. It won’t spawn
sunlight spawn density is 0. It won’t spawn
temperature spawn density is 0. It won’t spawn
Number of chunks in this patch = 5
Registering new spawner: Name: FLOATING_HAZARD density: 1
Registering new spawner: Name: SMALL_IRON_CHUNK density: 1
MARINE_SNOW spawn density is 0. It won’t spawn
Registering new spawner: Name: BIG_IRON_CHUNK density: 1.6
Registering new spawner: Name: GOOGLY_EYE_CELL density: 0.002
Number of species in this patch = 4
Registering new spawner: Name: 1 density: 0.2807743
Registering new spawner: Name: 2 density: 0.2793481
Registering new spawner: Name: 7 density: 0.2515037
Registering new spawner: Name: 3 density: 0.2331946
load finished, success: True message: Load finished elapsed: 00:00:04.3670675
We are not playing a newer Thrive version than last played, not updating latest
Jukebox: starting track: res://assets/sounds/multicellular-theme-1.ogg position: 0
Jukebox: starting track: res://assets/sounds/soundeffects/microbe-ambience2.ogg position: 0
Creating a save with name: gnop.thrivesave
save finished, success: True message: Saving succeeded elapsed: 00:00:02.2297561
Jukebox: starting track: res://assets/sounds/multicellular-theme-6.ogg position: 0
Creating a save with name: gnop.thrivesave
save finished, success: True message: Saving succeeded elapsed: 00:00:02.1870099
Becoming macroscopic
Becoming late multicellular (macroscopic)
Game is in now in prototypes. EXPECT MAJOR BUGS!
Moving species Primum thrivium (1) from EarlyMulticellularSpecies to LateMulticellularSpecies
Canceling and restarting auto-evo to have stage changed species versions in it
Switching to late multicellular editor
Starting e
Child process exited with code -1073741819
Thrive exited abnormally with an error
Crash dumps have been detected but they may be from a previous Thrive run (please check before reporting). To stop being notified about the crash dumps, please open the reporter and clear the crash dumps.

That is the crash i got. This time i managed to get to late multicellular, but crashed when i exited the editor. I think the original crash happened because i wasnt waiting until i was able to reproduce.

This is a native code crash suddenly ending the process. As it coincides with the game switching scenes that pretty conclusively tells it is an internal engine problem. Godot engine is sadly prone to crash when switching game scenes. So that’s likely what you got. I think some computers are more likely to crash than others.

The next release swaps to Godot 4 which has a ton of changes and upgrades. Could you try if the 0.6.6 RC works better for you: 0.6.6 Release Candidate ?