THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 1)

You could also just, you know, close the site and never open it again tho. Deleting the entire thing seems a tad excessive


Ok why would you keep a highly damaged computer you dont keep you throw it away or possibly sell the parts that survived

That’s… not how the internet works… Using the same analogy, you don’t need to crush the entire thing, just dumping it somewhere works just as well. Quick question tho: Why?

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I feel like everyone thinks im a nuisance and im always getting suspended

I haven’t tried yet, but AFAIK there is no way to delete accounts older than 50 days with posts. The only options are to permanently suspend, silence or anonymize the user where the account is replaced with “anon5762343245” and can’t login any more.

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I know this probably isnt the right time but Quick Question Thread

You think god stays in heaven because he too is afraid of what he’s created?

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Careful not to trigger some people here :joy:


So have we lost 2 members of the community now?
Is that what just happened.

Two? i thought only kilky was gone.

Eh members come and go. Usually not with this much racket, but there are still more people who have left the forums/the project than people who are still here. Remember people like @GROMALOCARIS, @WaapFu, and @InfiniteWisdom? Most people reading this probably don’t (I personally only remembered them vaguely), since they left a long time ago. These people were found through a quick search, you could probably find way more without too much difficulty, and this is not even counting members of the older forum. Moving forums was actually pretty bad for the community (I’m personally not for moving back though, I was one of the more “fanatic” pro-new-forum-people, but it’s still the truth). There are a lot of members who have been part of the community for years, only to slowly lose interest and leave (some members are also started lurking who used to be pretty prominent, it may have something to do with how, bluntly said, the quality of the discussions has gone down a tad)


I would expect more people to check in every now and then on this new forum as there are now tons of weekly digests being sent to inactive users.

I wonder if eugenics will become a thing again.

Grom’s still with thrive, he just doesn’t do the community forum.

Has anyone here eaten Pop Tarts before?

like 1 or 2, i want to eat some caramel or maple ones.

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Alright, the Thrive Universe collection page is finished, along with my new Thrive sentients. Check it our our don’t, I have no control over your actions.

I like people with this attitude

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Better question: Who HASN’T eaten a Pop Tart at least once in their lilfe?


Maybe some who havent been born yet. But really, who hasnt?