THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 1)

Hey look, I’m working on a space themed game! Its technically a spinoff of that platformer game I was making, hence having similar names. Set 60 years in the future, most of the game will be similar to no mans sky, but with reliable multiplayer.



How are you making the game? Which engine are you using?

Why, I am using our lord and saviour Unity!
It started out as a very poor simulation, which turned into quite a solid base for a space-themed open world game.

looks really good! also what platforming game are you talking about?

At first I thought it was concept art for Thrives space stage, thats how good it is.


This one: The Elbert Project
And thanks for the feedback!

Thrive space stage confirmed
Love it!


Fun Fact:
Waffle day is March 25.
The waffle maker’s invention is celebrated August 24.

Just had a chance to watch the latest podcast, very informal! The devs all sound genuinely invested in Thrive. Its comforting kinda.

I’m exited for Thrive multicellular to come out on may 4th carrying with it a huge update to the microbial stage!

I’m excited for the full game to come out when my grandkids start having kids!

Really? Is this just April Fools?

Nopey nope!!! This is real as the back of a toaster


yes Yes YEs YES yES yeS yes awesomazing
Any details?

I only have one detail: april fools

I hate April fools. So, so much.

the whole Thrive project is just a 10 year long April fools joke, they’ll announce that they’ve been funded by a large company the whole time and release the finished version of Thrive as soon as it’s April 2 in every time zone

Is that an April Fools joke? I can’t trust anyone.

Thou hast earnt mine respect


Does this work?