THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 1)

This is an XCOM thread now

I just finished Supra Mayro Bross, and it’s… not good. I know it’s a joke game and not meant to be taken seriously, but if you’re going to take the effort to make a game as a joke, at least make it playable.

First, the controls are ok, but could be better. The movement is too slippery, and the game is just a bunch of precise jumps, so it really doesn’t help. Plus, the camera only moves when you’re in the middle of the screen, so it won’t advance if you get ahead, and you’ll fall off the map, forcing you to refresh.

Second, the music. Yes, it’s a “parodic” take on the mario bros. theme, but it’s really jarring to listen to, especially since it doesn’t restart when you die, but rather, a new one starts playing at the same time, so, soon enough, your gameplay becomes and amalgamation of indiscernible earrape and you’re forced to mute the game or, once again, refresh.

Finally, the level design. It’s just 2 levels with a bunch of jumps and insta-kill goombas sprinkled around. Not much to say, it’s kind of disappointing, but I guess my expectations shouldn’t have been this high for such a game. The ending is non-existant, with text on the wall that says “you won” and that’s it. You stay on the level, and nothing happens.

All in all, a typical flash game made for kicks and not for players.

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No, it’s a GlitchCOM thread now. It’s also a MiscellaneousCOM thread.

Hmm, makes me think about Cheetahmen on the NES.

Well, you were right! I’m the first one to reach ‘Crazy in love’ and I have given over 1000 likes on this forum. Plus, you’ll be very surprised next time you connect, for I have been necroliking! Mwahahahahahahaha! :smiling_imp:

Hey, I went to the end! You can edit it again, now, haha! Yes, I’m also necroquoting and necroreplying.

Are… are… are you seriously reviewing a troll game? Those things are literally made to purely annoy others.

Apparently not

I noticed. Could you fucking not? It’s really annoying.

For some reason, I can’t remove the likes. Is it the like limit that prevents me from removing a like? By the way, does removing a like prevents the “liked” user from getting notification?
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If I remember correctly, discourse has a grace period to undo an accidental like, once that time is up the like is permanent and can’t be removed.


Hey y’all, a dude by the name of Manic Pixel used some of my art in his video! Go check it out:


Do you know what program they used for the music?

A program called Famitracker, a portmanteau of
Famicom (Japanese name for the NES)
Tracker (The name of a music making program)

Should I apologize to Biologicah before or after he connects? I liked most of his post because he gave me a good laugh from times to times (that’s the main reason for my necrolikes), but now I see the notification thing can become a problem.

Just by pure curiosity…

Which World War was the worst?

  • WW1
  • WW2
  • Both were equally horrifying
  • I don’t know which one would be more horrifying than the other

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This came to my mind after reading a very old reply in this thread (one from @RoboRomb, if you ask). The post was about whether rats are clean or not and @RoboRomb provided a link to a movie clip about WW1, which was terrifying (don’t watch the video if you are traumatized by the sight of :drop_of_blood:). Don’t watch it at night either :smiley:.

Its hard to say really, each world war had its fair share of humanitarian disasters, so I’m thinking both were equally horrifying.

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oof, I found a very not funny to have genetic disease.

It’s called “Acute necrotizing…”, wait it’s already written in the link anyway.

And yep, the term “necro” got my attention here. :smirk:

I read one of Biologicah’s post, and it was talking about “artificial post count”. What’s an artificial post count?
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Completely unrelated, but I recently came across a game engine called Godot. If you haven’t heard of it, that’s because it is completely open-source, and its logo doesn’t pop up at the start of games made with it, unlike Unity. It has almost the same capabilities, but hasn’t built up a bad reputation.


This actually has a lot to do with each other, since Unity only shows its logo if you’re using the unpaid version, (usually used by indie devs) while ‘proper’ games usually use the bought version. This makes people constantly associate Unity with crappy games, even though there are a lot of great games built with it. (Hearthstone, Phoenix Point, Beat Saber, Rimworld, Subnautica, etc.)


Not to mention KSP, Ori and the blind forest, pretty much every VR game in existence, and so on. This was sort of the point I was making in my post, but regardless, I’ve been looking into it to make my own game.


Well damn, I’m using game maker.

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Which is the most ridiculous?

  • Godzilla eating radiation
  • Gamera eating fire

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Oof, makes me remind their marketing decisions. Sad.

Does anyone know what it is?

i think he means post that is just to increase the post count and are just spam
Here is a example of a forum for this.

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So you mean that an artificial post count consists of posting only for posting to increase the post count?

Just for my own curiosity…

At what stage of school are you? (not anonymous)

  • High School
  • College
  • University
  • Fully graduated (past the point of University/done)

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