THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 1)

Vaguely sure junior high and elementary school exist but ok.

I don’t know how the junior-senior thingy works, but I guess I include them both in high school. As for elementary school, I didn’t put it to avoid a debate or being suddenly questioned about it. Besides, I wanted to know who voted, so I couldn’t really put elementary school as an option legit speaking.

EDIT on October 24, 2019

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Imagine being so tired that you can’t focus on the screen and merely type from muscle memory.

I’m curious
what do you think of the modern school system?

  • it’s good
  • it’s okay
  • it’s bad

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It also depends of one’s country, @TeaKing.

By the way, I didn’t know you were at University @Omicron. In what field are you studying? Computer science, biology, history?

I don’t know about you, but my school system hasn’t changed in half a century. I wouldn’t exactly call it “modern”.


the modern school system came around the industrial revolution.


I’m currently studying technical computer science at WO level (dutch system), but I only started this year, so it’s not exactly something that’s been going on for a long time yet.

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Hmm, interesting. Is there any intermediary school stage between university and high school in your country (like college)?

I think I read somewhere that college is mostly an american thing. Because over there the high school curriculum is way more basic than what we have here in europe. So basically where I live we go straight from our equivalent of american high school (the official name in english is upper secondary school) to university, and we have to immediately pick our major because there is only a tiny amount of general courses, whereas in america (AFAIK) college is first like an extension to high school before you get to even pick your major.

Hey, @Omicron. I’ve had a problem with the new XCOM games. When the game ends, there is generally a table comparing the player’s score to the world’s average. My first playthrough on EU showed me the world scores, but now, none of the XCOM games show me the world scores. They only show the ‘-’ characters instead. Any idea why? Does it need the 2k account to work?
EDIT: I’ve looked it up on the web, but all google shows me is people complaining about extremely high scores.

It probably also has something to do with the fact that in the US, there are no varying levels of education. Some people go to more ambitious schools/universities sure, and some people stop their education after a certain point, but that’s it. There is no system like here in the Netherlands were you can choose from MAVO, HAVO, or VWO (those are only the main ones) level at high school, which immediately allows the smater kids to build a working ethic (and not be bored until university begins), while also allowing the less intelligent ones to finish their high school education.

Except for how you may not have internet or something, idk. The XCOM games are very buggy, so that is probably a part of it.

By the way, in XCOM 2 Ironman mode, I’ve managed to survive 3 months for now. Though, Ana Ramirez (my vanilla ranger) died again (she is the first to die in the tutorial). It seems the game really wants her to die. And guess what? She is also the first to die in my ironman playthrough. So the game doesn’t only want to kill her. It wants to kill her FIRST. She got killed by an ADVENT MEC (with its gun) while she was behind a low cover. 75%-20%=55%. Hmm, seems fair, but still unlucky. RIP again Ramirez.

The epitaph is inspired from a quote of the gambling ghost in The Witcher 1.

“Here lies scout. He ran into a wall and died a virgin.”

Spy when dominating Scout, Team Fortress 2

By simple curiosity…

Would you find it funny if the Misc thread gets locked after some people are joking around?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t know

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Have you ever considered joining an XCOM forum? Just saying, there has been a ton of XCOM stuff coming from you specifically.

I swear to god that when I’m done with the new XCOMs achievements, I’ll stop talking about it. Except for Omicron and the retarded elders of course (that was just legendary).

Retarded elders right now or I’ll snap a twig. smeltard meldard

Indeed, I’m a copycat.

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That’s a good point, this is the Thrive community forums.
I’m honestly sick of logging onto the forums and seeing xcom


Can’t really talk about thrive gameplay besides seeing some cells doing synchronized dancing.


And the occasional gets pushed and dies

What’s the best?

  • Double posting
  • Triple posting
  • Multiple posting (4+ times)
  • Increasing the artificial post count
  • Necro

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oof, my joke will not be liked, lel
Don’t take it as an offense, it’s just a joke poll. You can still respond seriously though (e.g. one could find necroposting not as bad as double posting, thus “better” than the latter).

I think I’ll try to “cooldown my poll ability.”

Oh by the way, I didn’t know I would ever bring this up or even revive the subject, but I might have found something to support the underwater civilizations. I don’t know if someone ever brought such a thing to the discussion, nonetheless I found out that thermite is a chemical powder which can be used to smelt high melting point metals such as iron even underwater. That is exactly why it is used for underwater welding. However, I’m not sure how thermite is made, so I can’t tell if some underwater civilizations can discover it. Though, such a technology can be given to them by a more advanced species.

If you thought of something for underwater civs, post it there. Also, thermite must be heated for that reaction (I remember the dude melting a lock in Breaking Bad with thermite by igniting it with a blowtorch). Now, assuming they find a source of heat to ignite it, how would they even find the thermite in high enough quantities for smelting in high demand?