THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 1)


Everyone’s pronouns are they/them though? Or at least they are fine with that
Unless someone here is a hive mind or something

i’m pretty sure i am the only one who selected they/them

i’m going to try asking chat GPT3 to write a mod that adds RuBisCO as an organelle to thrive and then make a 3D model for it. i will put a link to the topic if it works

so i can’t refer to people who identify as males using they/them for example? It’s gender neutral which means you can use it on anyone

you can unless they tell you not to but if you know their preferred pronouns it is best to use them when referring to them

@willow please do not doublepost.
Also we should work to conserve this thread for as long as possible. Post some of your questions in other threads and just don’t post short things here.

It/Its because I’m a cat.



You called?

Great, only 25 posts left, and I will waste them all!

i did not think this thread would ever reach 10k posts, and now it’s three days at most from reaching that

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Guys instead of making posts edit previous ones! This way we will be able to conserve this thread.


Hello! I just came here to make a little post to say goodbye to this thread. It’s been fun reading other’s posts here, and sometimes making a few posts here myself. Even though there will be another “Misc.” thread as soon as this one is closed, I’m still a little sad to see this thread go.

Goodbye, The New Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn’t Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread!


aw, a goodbye to the misc thread

anyways, some numbers:

posts left
standard form:
expanded form:
word form:
twenty two

amount of posts currently
standard form:
expanded form:
word form:
nine thousand nine hundred and seventy eight


How will the next Misc. thread be named?

The last misc thread only had 1037[1] post in 3 years (345 post per year average)
We about to reach 10k in 5 years! (2k post per year average)

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That’s how. Go vote for it

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its have been 5 years…
i have been half of that exsustent

i am growing old somehow

Existential crisis yay