THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 2)

oh belgium.

now every time i want to search about thrive on google i will have to write “thrive evolution game” instead of “thrive game”

we really live in a society

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Nah, first result for “thrive game” is still our thrive.

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Actually, the first non-us result for thrive game is an obscure two-player board game called “thrive”, and we hog like the first half a dozen search results!

They are multiplying…

And two search results below THAT is the TVTropes page i started for Thrive!
It takes three more search results for the board game to come up again!
The next result is some sort of sucky farm page which doesn’t belong, but that’s at least a dozen of our links!

Seriously though I watched the trailers, Thrive: Heavy Lies The Crown is Frostpunk fantasy edition.
We don’t have a chance…

The next result is some sort of sucky farm page which doesn’t belong, but that’s at least a dozen of our links!
Edit: no wait we got 9/12.

I looked it up, Thrive: HLTC is already in sixth place of the search results… it’s moved up one in the last four minutes.

It’s not on “thrive game” anywhere though.

It is, sixth result.

Why are you lying? Have you been converted? Are you a Thrive: HLTC spy???

I use chrome. What about you?


Search results on Google will also differ based on where you live/what server google has you connected to

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I live in North America. God knows what server i’m connected too!
Edit: i just realized now i haven’t been T3 for a long time.
Ah well.
A planet can still survive on T2, you just lose 1/3rd of the ecosystem.
(I know i am not a Spore planet, but still)
Also i miss lounge. Imagine if ex-regulars could use the lounge? (Only those who weren’t suspended or silenced in the last 6 months, of course)
Edit’s edit:
Even on silk, page one has 9/10 being us!
The remaining result is the board game, at 8th. The tvtropes page is at ten.

I’m actually really surprised I’m still a regular, I’m not even half as active as I used to be

Nothing has happened in the lounge afaik so you aren’t missing anything, but I think it makes sense ex-regulars can’t access it. It’s meant as motivation to stay active, and if you could still access that there wouldn’t be a reason to continue being as active after the first month

I’ve already seen that, way before they even had any kind of release date. Youtube actually recommended me one of their devlogs a few months ago. Surely they must know about us and have decided to name their game that anyway?

I’m hoping the situation ends up the same as that Thrive board game: it goes absolutely nowhere and our SEO will be stronger so that searching for Thrive game will give you results for our version of Thrive.

You don’t stand a chance. Thrive: Heavy Lies The Crown is clearly the superior Thrive!

But we have so many more search results!

It will not last long! Thrive: Heavy Lies The Crown will rise again!