THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 2)

Changing profile pictures gives some everyday variety to the forums


Asking a general question to everyone here: How do you think the Thrive’s full release (space + ascension stage complete) Devblog/Annoucement would look like?


(credits: zorkman)

Posted on March 9, 2031 by hhyyrylainen

We are happy to announce that we made it.

we belgiun’ made it.

After more than two decades in early access, we can finally say that Thrive is a complete game now. From the bottom of the sea to ascension, to the sea again, you can finally play Thrive in all its glory and the scientific precision that has always been our biggest focus. Over the years, we have been through many difficult moments, the pandemic, wars, Artemis II disaster, even when Markplier ragequit in just five minutes of Thrive, we never gave up. But of course, we had a really good time during this period, and we wouldn’t be here without your help. So, one last time, before I retire from the team, I say to the entire community:

Thanks for your support!


or smth more well made


uh you need to fix the download link, its not working


Fixed the download link, it should work by now.


I was not expecting that (I was expecting a different video) but after watching the whole thing, I’m no longer annoyed.


I was expecting the rickroll meme.

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He has legs



I am the author of that cursed edit


It can already speak? I wonder what the next evolution will be like…

Oh, belgium.

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I wonder what would be the consequences for NASA had Artemis II really ended in the astronauts dying.

millions, or (depending of media attention) hundreds of millions would be watching it at TV. Kids would be crying, space streamers shocked, all channels would be covering it, the congress would declare immediate investigation, realocatting funding of other projects (bye bye mars sample return) people would use as an argument to shrink NASA budget “we don’t want another Artemis II” and they wouldn’t be much interested into sending more people to space. all countries would send their condolences to the USA, Elon would say some neutral thing on X, and the general internet would make some stupid conspiracy theory (russia exploded it or smth) that would die in half an year. some terrible dark memes too, peoples comparating Victor Glover with George Floyd, and of course, tons of peoples thinking that it was going to land on the moon.

NASA budget would get much more limitated, and if the Artemis program is not cancelled, Starship would become probably the launch vehicle. They do some orbital tests along the years, probably trying to launch an manned artemis again on 2027-8.

Then, in late-middle 2029, China lands on the Moon, the Taikonauts are either an russian and an woman, or two chineses. CNSA would start preparating their lunar base, making the congress put the budget high again, but generating complaints from the population, things like “we already did it in 1969, we don’t need to spend more money killing peoples in an big projectile” or something.

After that is just for all mankind first season but with climate change

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Is there a word limit on the forums?

per post, 32000 i believe.

in the entirety of the forums, though, probably depends on storage space.

What do you mean by that? Is there some sort of “mankind” series?

Ngl this kind of sounds like something you’d hear in R.A.H., but it’s still realistic.


@doomlightning why does your profile picture now have a cap with some yellow symbol on it? Has the doom-species entered industrial age?