THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 2)

Covid is like a seasonal flu at this point. We have vaccines and the like that are accessible enough that most people will be able to get them, reducing the lethality significantly. You also have to keep in mind that Covid has mutated multiple times, giving us omicron, which while being more transmissible is far less lethal than the original. Even now, people are taking steps to normalize life after the pandemic has died down, and you’re starting to see that reflected in the media and in the government.

I went on YouTube and noticed that the YT Dislike extension doesn’t work anymore on Firefox. Can anyone else say the same?

As user of the extension, I can confirm it’s not working on chrome either.

I’m going to Odysee!

Seems to be a known issue:

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I don’t have discord, why are people putting flags of… Nordic… countries?

I don’t use discord either but I found that on their git page

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Why not? A flag of a Nordic country is as good as a flag of any other country. As to why people do it, I have no idea. It’s just fun, I guess.

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I do, and I point it out every time I have the capacity to make one in a forum game.

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Why is belgium censored

Edit: rac-y without the dash

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It is on the word filterlist I got. Also it is a real world with often adult content themed meaning:

Edit: I see the link is also not immune from it, but if someone wants they can just search the word to get the real link.

“Adult content themed meaning” it means suggestive, why isn’t suggestive banned too?

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Ask frontgatemedia, I stole loaned their word list from here: A List of 723 Bad Words To Blacklist & How to Use Facebook's Moderation Tool - FrontGate Media

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The way it actually links to the definition of “Belgium” absolutely kills me


A lot of words pick up meaning as code for something unnecessarily offensive. For instance, the Boogaloo Boys constantly coming up with new terms to allow them to get past censors while discussing a white-supremacist civil war. So, a huge range of words could potentially end up on a filter list.

Remember that purple berry on a vine?
I think it was called a gbelgium.
Don’t worry, i’m just testing to see if the vine berry gets censored, and it does. Maybe we should make an exception for it?

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I feel like mineta should be added because he’s a Gbelgium(he has sticky gbelgiums for hair and makes every situation he’s in unsafe)

I’ve been wondering for a while how reasonable and realistic it would be to have a creature with both an endo- and exoskeleton throughout its body. I haven’t found any real-life examples (and turtles don’t count). How would such a system affect a creature’s maximum potential size?

And, are there any plans to include a water-surface biome for the microscopic stages, with cells floating on top of the water?

Exoskeletons do not have the need to evolve the endoskeleton again. The exoskeleton is sufficient to support the body
Many endoskeletal organisms have evolved armor. Generally, only one choice can be made for defense and flexibility.

exoskeletons are better for defense and endoskeletons are better for structural support and muscle anchoring so there would be pressure for a large ocean organism with an exoskeleton to evolve an endoskeleton or get smaller if it was large enough to get crushed under its own weight if it went on land due to the fact that if there is an unoccupied niche something will always mutate to fill it, that pressure grows higher if it outcompeted all other animal life on its planet and if it did then it will probably take both paths

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