The new notification thing at the top of the screen

This thing

This notification thing, that sometimes will tell you why you are taking damage or what is happening, turns out to actually be pretty helpful sometimes. Maybe there should be an option to turn it off eventually, but once you get used to it, it’s alright.

First it might’ve seemed a bit unnecessary, but I didn’t know that you could eat cells with protective membranes, and this told me that you needed whatever-ase, and then I looked it up and learned.

What could be done with this thing? Has it helped any of you learn about the game?


It’s the only way to know why you can’t engulf something. You’d need to be a super advanced player to be able to visually tell what membrane a cell uses and thus what digestion enzyme you need to eat it.

Yep, exactly. This is the main reason this was added to the game. I also at the same time, because it is very easy to add new messages, added a few other important things. From youtube videos I’ve noticed that many players will miss when the editor becomes available so I added that also as a message.


well, you can hit the fossilize button and check what membrane it has. the notification thing might not even appear every time I tried to engulf something, but I can check what I need to add by seeing the membrane type in the fossilize menu and adding the enzyme with a similar name. if there’s added text somewhere, shouldn’t there be an option to turn it off besides mods?
it is useful though if you don’t already know what’s happening

edit: if there is an easy way to disable it with mods, maybe you don’t need to have disabling it in the main game. why add in something that doesnt need to be added, yknow

There’s no way the average new player knows about the fossilization feature. There’s no tutorial for it so I doubt many players that aren’t super fans know about the feature at all.

It should? Do you have the steps needed to get it to not trigger. I’m pretty sure I handled all failures to engulf cases so there can’t be a situation where engulfing fails but the message doesn’t appear.

No? Should we add options to disable the auto-evo report, auto-evo explanation panel, the mouse hover navigator panel etc.? There’s a ton of player-helping text in the game.

Maybe there could be a tutorial for it, but it’s already pretty easy to find if you hit space or the pause button. It’s also a lot like the Spore magnifying glass inspect thing, so it’s a bit familiar to people who’ve played that.

thanks for putting in the time to make this feature, so far it seems that it does appear every time. there’s a great chance i just blocked out the text or didnt pay enough attention to it. it took me a while to even learn the alternate digestive enzymes existed even when text mightve been appearing and telling me that i didnt have them

this text is different from a lot of the GUI though as it just appears by itself without much of a box surrounding it. (I remember Spore, where tips would appear in a quest-style box, though a box in the corner of a screen can be easy to miss or ignore)

oh also, can you describe a couple of those things you mentioned at the end? I’d think the auto-evo explanation panel is a popup that shows when you first see the report, right? What’s the mouse hover navigator panel?
Maybe we should have a list for obscure Thrive features
also i just now found that you can modify cilia to become pulling cilia. are these fully functional? this modify thing can really hide some stuff. will the bioluminescent vacuole become a modification if it gets added?

I’ve watched a bunch of youtube let’s plays where the player doesn’t pause the game even once, which is the reason I estimate the average player will take many hours until they realize that there is a pause feature.

This is very much intentional, the text is not meant to get annoying. So it isn’t super attention grabbing. A huge popup box opening each time you can get to the editor would get annoying.

Nope, it is the popup window showing what auto-evo prediction numbers come from. This is accessible by pressing the “?” button in the auto-evo prediction panel. One of the tutorials requires opening this.

It’s the panel in the microbe stage showing the compounds and cells that are under your cursor. For obvious GUI space related reasons the panel has no title or anything in the GUI so players just don’t know what it is called.

Yes. It was even announced in a pretty big way in the devblog for the release that this was added.

oops! good to have things like this in the game that people can find later, though. in the future if theres a lot of game to learn these more hidden features can be some of the things you don’t immediately know are part of the game when learning it, but maybe you can find out later

yeah probably better to not take up too much space with them in normal play. maybe it could be highlighted or pointed out in tutorial mode though

I realized the same thing way earlier, and there is a tutorial in fact (that’s been in the game for quite a while now) that literally blocks out the screen and shows the editor button if the player doesn’t react to it becoming available for 30 seconds. Still from what I’ve seen from let’s plays the player sometimes fails to realize that the editor is available for some time, so I think any feature that makes it more obvious when the editor becomes available is a good improvement to the playability of the game.

yeah maybe sometime though the notification text itself can be pointed out as something to pay attention to in the tutorial, maybe show some examples of status updates it could give or just point to it and list some out in text

though text appearing when you dont know how the game works might be a reasonable place to look for advice lol