The Obligatory First Thread

Well this is the first thread here, not sure what else to type but yeah, this exists.

can you not see the other thread?

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Touche good sir, touche.

There are also some staff only threads so this is actually the the seventh thread.

Buenos dias, señores. ¿como estan?

So, theres threads in background… silently judging us!!! Everybody panic!!!:scream:

There isn’t a moderation thread for discussing users behind their backs, yet…

Hey! I found the first thread!


Wait this is the second thread. Oh well, he started making it before he saw it. I guess I’ll go look at WayBack to see what the website looked like then.

the worst necropost of all time

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OMG Today I Learned is OLD!

Burn the necromancers!

Why have you defiled this ancient thread?? Dont you know the ghosts of inactive forum users will come to haunt you?

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