The October Thread

it’s october boys


The anthem of the Holloween Gods.

Kneel to the lords of the spooks

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Its October my dudes

let us not turn this into another meme thread

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I didn’t post a meme but a comic tho.

I know, but it could be mistaken for a meme.

In any case, welcome the eve of spooks.

Make sure you don’t get rattled.

So what is this thread for if not spooky memes?

Hmm, well I can’t think of anything else other than that.

Don't read this

This is a double whammy as this is a suitable meme for halloween and underwater civs


I’ll see the ride end with underwater civs victorious.
I will not concede

yay! dum Halloween emojis :jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern::ghost::ghost::skull::skull::jack_o_lantern:and a taco​:taco:(i must be VARY bored)

Spooky time spooky time.
Anyone doing inktober?

It IS spooktober. That means… new spooky profile pic! Anyone know where this one’s from?

If I did I feel like I would have purposely gave myself a concussion.

Edit: I see some people. Cough. reacted with a thinking face. Do y’all not know what inktober is?

Is that the one where you draw an ink drawing every day? I wasn’t sure, that’s why I :thinking:


Wooooo! It seems you have changed your profile picture, @OmnipotentFNarr!

Just to start off oct(ink)tober with a spooky.

Two semi-spookys



Yeah, I’m changing it for the month. I figured the spookiest month of the year deserved a spooky pfp.