The Planet 493BG6 Dump

This is just a place to dump all my sketches and bios on planet 493BG6s’ ecosystem. This will include flora, fauna, environments, habitats, and some Umbruke related topics. It’s also for later use in the TU, if I feel like putting any of them in there.

To start it off, heres the first one out of many.


System of Origin: 322B867-E

Year: 54 BSE

Hostility Levels: High

Planet 493BG6, otherwise known as “Asmora” by the foreign species who have been researching the planet, is a tropical earth covered by a sparkling blue sea. Located 30 light years from Earth, the planet has almost twice the gravity as Earths. The atmosphere of planet 493BG6 is breathable, though the intelligent species present here wear organic gas masks, providing them with their own, breathable air. The temperature hear is a sweltering 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celsius). There are a large abundance of islands present on 493BG6, all with exotic wildlife and materials. Many of the islands are used as outposts by the species who came here, mostly as military bases or research centers.

Beneath the ocean surface, lies a whole new world. Here, organisms that range from 7 to 70 feet thrive here, feasting on other local wildlife. One of the most fiercest predators here, with teeth measuring around 14 feet, are the arrowhead species.

Life Status

Complexity Level: Aware

Local Sapient Life: 0

Foreign Sapient Life: 1

  • Umbruke (Annalak Sapiens)
System Status

System Code: [300VB7491AF]

System Location: Outer Tenebrarum Arm

Planetary Bodies: 10

Local Stars: 1

Planet Status

Natural Satellites: 1

Hospility Status: Habitable

Diameter: 11,800 miles (18,990 km)

Gravity: 2x Earth

Average Temperature: 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celsius)