The Predatory Fimbriae flipped upside down

While playing the newest update, “0e24a5a0a0481634ec04a10bf81cca27fb389565”( I noticed that my cell’s predatory fimbriae flipped to the bottom for some reason, I don’t really kwon if this bug happen in the past. My cell’s setup: a cytoplasm in the center, and a predatory fimbriae on top of it. It looks normal in the editor, but when I hit done, the predatory fimbriae move to the bottom of the cell by itself, I tried to avoid it, but none of my plans worked.

I’m pretty sure this is the issue:

Or at least heavily related. When you exit the editor the cell layout is repositioned so that it is centered around 0,0 which could explain why things look fine in the editor, but then in game you get that issue 3109.

It seems like you solved this problem(3109).

That issue is open. It means that this is not solved, just a known problem since February 2022.

Ok, that problem is very annoying, I hope that problem will get fixed soon.

I builded cell from methabolosome, chemosynthesis protein and rustycianin. After that I attached spike to front side, but spike was attached to back side. After rebuilding cell with random moves, spike was attached as it should. And after that I deleted chemosynthesis protein and methabolosome thus my cell was comprists of 2 elements: rustycianin and spike. But spike always was attached to back side, although I attached it to front side.

Attached resources was placed here
Game save in editor where spike wrong attached

I moved your post to a thread that seems like an earlier thread about the same bug.