The Sandbox Social's video on Thrive and some inspiring comments

This video has been around for almost two months now, and it’s accrued a significant amount of both views and comments. Said comments are a mixed bag, but one thread in particular stood out to me as an example of how we can convince people the project can succeed.

Several comments by other people later…


Another thing people should check out is a fellow named “kinesis”’s YouTube channel

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There have been coding livestreams, the last one was only a couple days ago

That doesn’t happen in Thrive though, the devs communicate via Slack and the dev forums

Wonder if that guy joined the community

Honestly that vid is how I found out about this game. I guess we (spore fans) all want to see what the game could have been. Also, I wonder if Will Wright knows about Thrive? Cuz he thought of and worked on/created Spore. I wonder if he’d be interested n seeing what y’all are doing/are gunna do with the similar concept.

I wonder if once ea heard of thrive they will make spore 2 and say thrive is a rip off

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EA cant compete with free. They eat, breath, and poop dollar signs $. Yea they can claim Thrive is a rip off but then EA would have to deliver more content and creative possibilities and gameplay than Thrive to show it up. And honestly hat just benefits us (the players/fans) in the long run. But changes are, EA would also tag on a buttload of paid DLC that will turn players off. Who wants to pay 100s of dollars for a complete game? I say as I loyally buy every expansion pack for the Sims franchise

And thrive is free

But what if thrive is very popular