THE SKY - weather, day/night, stars and the sun

on the subject of weather: im not sure how rain snow and sunniness would effect microbe stage other the royally screwing up anybody’s plant run of the game. and with thinks like tornados or hurricanes I’m not smart enough to know whether or not they would exist on other plants or if its an earth phenomenon thanks to its unique atmosphere
on the subject of day night: again, other than messing up any want to be cyanobacteria. but other than that it could also affect nocturnal lifeforms in later stages, and if living near the poles would have effect on how long days and nights are.
finally, on the subject on stars and the sun: i believe that the stars would be more of an aesthetic thing, but maybe your people in civ stage would be inspired to make myths about the stars. and the sun of the world (get this!) would one way or another change how plants evolve, also what kind of skin protection your animals would need.
edit: any thoughts?

The constelations can change everytime we exit the editor

Because millions of years have past?