The Thrive Universe Slideshow (Collaborative Project)

While we have the Thrive Universe and the roleplay games, I thought it could have something else.

The slideshow idea will be centered around the major races of the Milky Way galaxy, with short bios about each race.

This is mainly for members who have TU submissions in the wiki or if they’re already written but not yet approved.

It needs a bio (obviously)

Information on its government, religion, and whatever culture.

Name of empire and the distribution of colonies your sapient has.

For aesthetic, have an image of your sapient in the left (or right), and choose that best fits your sapient!

Afterwards, submit your slideshows here! They’ll be kept here for the remainder of the time.

I’ll be joining

You have to make your own submission in the Thrive Universe, not here.

Don’t use other peoples art.

Oh ok where do i find thrive universe and just to let you know im not that good at art

Go to the search bar, then type in “Thrive Universe Reboot Reboot”.

Ask some of the users who are familar with the TU for help.

What does tu mean some times I seriously feel like an old man

It’s just Thrive Universe as an abbreviation.