The Unofficial List Of Species Created In Thrive

Because I wanted to.

Welcome to the TULOSCT. We post images of our species here.
I’m doing this because it would be nice and community-y to share our wonderful and not non-viable little squiggly microbes in one spot.

Here’s the crack-
One plays thrive, and makes a species.
They take a screenshot with every evo (in case the game crashes)
From here, there’s two options.

  1. Post an image of the species’ first evo, and edit the post with every evolution afterwards, like I will, because I’m sad.
  2. Post an image of the latest generation, like I won’t, because i’m not sensible and ludicrous. I am a bad role model.
    One would also have to name their species, obviously. If they are obsessed with lore and (optionally) are of a species closely related to the sheep, they can even make paragraphs on how the species changed over time. But even I am not sad enough to do that.

[I M P O R T A N T U P D A T E]
This thread now extends to AI species, to conform to societal standards and the wishes of @Deus. Feel free to send all those interesting not-you living jelly sacs!

With that over and done with, it’s time to post species. If you want to.
I’ll start with Stankazi Legxa, the most recent species I made that went extinct. Here’s the final variant-
Is sad day.

This is a bloody pointless thread, isn’t it.


Yes, yes it is, under the right circumstances.

Name: Spearhead
Scientific Name: Hastae calvitium


1st: I added cytoplasm to the front and back, front had 6 while the back had 4 added.

I kept on adding cytoplasm to the front and back taking them as far as you can in the current editor, equaling 10 to the front and 7 to the back. Movement was very similar to Evolution 1.

Screenshot (2).png637x512 219 KB

Screenshot (3).jpg1596x896 586 KB

Name: Swimming Spearhead
Scientific Name: Hastae natantes


Evolution 3 in a playthrough ( A speciation of Hastae calvitium )
This Species has the added benefit of a flagellum to propel itself through the world.
The only difference with Hastea natantes is that the bottom most cytoplasm has developed into a flagellum ( denoted by a red F ). I believe this is drastic enough of a change to place it in its own species.

Screenshot (4).jpg1600x831 554 KB

Evolutions: 4th ( A speciation of Hastae calvitium )
Screenshot (5).jpg1593x831 556 KB

Here is Hastea natantes in the wild.
Screenshot (6).jpg1596x835 269 KB

Evolutions: 5th ( A speciation of Hastae calvitium )
Screenshot (7).jpg1600x833 560 KB

Screenshot (9).jpg1596x835 273 KB

Evolution 6, As always flagella are n
oted by those red F’s
Screenshot (10).jpg1596x837 565 KB

Name: Soaring Spear
Scientific Name: Hastae ardea


Evolution 7 ( a speciation of Hastae natantes )
This evolution acquired some needed structures. Two Chromatophares and Two Metabolosomes were added to Hastae ardea and are dented by the light green C and the orange M. I plan on making Chlorophyll be a darker green and Mitochondria will be a red. These added structures make this a candidate for speciation, deviating far enough away from Hastae natantes .

Screenshot (11).jpg1600x833 525 KB


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Name: Largo Balluxasi


Generation 2
One chemoplast, one mitochondrion

Forgot to screenshot generation 3

Generation 4
Game crashed, so this is the final generation.

I was trying to make a ball-shape, hence the name.

I think this thread should also extend to the organisms that are not controlled by the player; I’ve only played a bit of this build and I’m already seeing crazy behaviours because of that new auto-evo system.


I would enjoy that. Specifically because they are, in fact more varied right now due to the ;lack of appearance and behavior editors for the player. You can follow them by mousing over to see when they speciate and such. Because they tend to maintain genus names, and when they do split, you can speculate as to what they came from.


It is done.

Knock yourselves out.

Edit- I’m not double posting, so I’ll dump my species here.

Chemos Essenraxia

Generation 2

Generation 3
Thrive crashed yet again.

(AI) (forgot to check the name)

This bacteria, while uninteresting physically, behaves in a unique way, at least from what I’ve seen. They often travel in large swarms, for whatever reason. They’re too small to engulf other bacteria, and even the starting microbe can engulf them en masse. They went extinct quickly.

(AI) Pronpion Ocen

This species regularly sits and does nothing, often in the middle of rich compound clouds. However, once prey swims along, they will fire toxins at the prey, while hunting it down for engulfment. It is a very successful species.


I just finished a game which had a really interesting AI species. (Sorry I forgot to check the name before I made them extinct in revenge. I’m gonna name them “Invisibilia mortis” )


Yes they’re basically invisible, yes they move in packs and no they are not part of the background. I would often see a group of 5 or 6 moving together basically stacked on top of each other. I tried to eat a group once and died. ( not sure why can someone explain )


interesting bug, if you ask me.

I only managed to take a shitty picture on my phone and forgot to look up the name, but yesterday, while trying out a dev-build, I came across a rather interesting species.
They would sit around in colonies of 3-4 microbes and not move. But if any microbe came close to them they would all shoot a combined beam of toxins at it. They feel like stationary turrets from a tower defense game.

It‘s awesome to see how unique some species can already feel in Thrive.


Yeah i love seeing new posts on here.

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Is that thrive or a piece or a picture of art

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Its both, Xenomorphian.

Seriously though. That picture looks like a concept art.

If the background was more lively and the cell membrane more dynamic when Thrive is moving, it would be even slicker.

I encountered an interesting species of chemolithotrophic bacteria recently in the dev build. They did really well, and they would quickly eat up all the iron nearby, and if there was iron, they would be there without fail somehow swimming around.
I wish i had taken a screenshot of them.

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I know no one has posted anything here for a while but I felt this Species deserved recognition. Introducing Scusia Kappoltrum (Nickname Wolf Pack):

They move around in swarms of 10-20 shooting everything in sight (except the player, they only seemed to attack me when I was between them and their prey)
I never saw them reproduce once but the fact that eating even one of them was a death sentence and the high murder rates made their species very successful.
Heres one of the best pictures I count take of them hunting, it was difficult because they killed everything so quick. They didn’t seem to want to eat the chemicals their prey spewed out much, they mostly hunted for the hell of it.
Sorry if the screenshots are bad by the way. It was difficult not to die from all the things they were shooting (I died thrice taking these photos).

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So now we have organisms that kill because they can.

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They murder for fun and I think they’re not stopping with creatures in the game…

They killed my family and now they’re coming for me.

A photo of the aftermath:

(Yes I know I have been meaning to put my cell on a diet)

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It seems we have engineered the perfect apex predator.
There is no hope for humanity.


Don’t know the name of this one, but it looked cool enough to post here. Didn’t really have any unique behaviours, either.
Also, reminder that the species you create yourselves can be posted in here