The waffle house has found it's new host

comment “the waffle house has found it’s new host” on every video you watch until january 31st. if you want context watch this

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I think this should be part of the misc thread

I’m sorry, but I don’t think doing this is the best idea. Sending random messages with little value into comment sections just seems like it might get in the way of actual discussion, and could be frustrating for many people. I’m sorry if this reply comes off as harsh, I don’t mean any hate by this, I just don’t want people to send random messages into comment sections already full of spam.

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i forgot to mention that if someone already commented it, anyone participating should reply to that comment instead of making a new one

the reason for the commenting in the first place? it’s funny and it tells the algorithm to boost the video.

Although it’s certainly nice that the creator who started this trend stated that people shouldn’t make a repeat comment, it unfortunately still gets in the way of actual discussion, even if it’s just one comment (which will probably be at the top of the comment section because of all the likes). I respect that you’re trying to limit spam with it though! - I just think that it sadly still might make a bit of a mess…

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Ah yes, having to check below the first comment, what a cruel and immoral limitation of discussions and free speech!

The reason why I even look at youtube comments is to either see people pointing interesting bits of a video out that I may have missed or see how overall other people think about the video. Just having meme top comments is terrible. I’m glad that currently most videos have unique top comments instead of some silly meme that is copy-pasted to all videos without any thought.


I agree but its still nice to see a meme relevant to that channel in its comments.

as i said it is mainly just to give the videos more attention from the algorithm and because it is funny. even then it will only be until the 31st which is only 15 days away so it will not be top comment for that long if it even gets to top comment unless the person who posted the video pins the comment