Things to do in tribal

The main goals of a tribe in some kind of Stone Age are to survive and to grow. Any ideas how that could be implemented?

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I would imagine a more in-depth version of spores tribal stage, along with more freedom to do what you want to do with your tribes and such.

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It could be that you start as a nomadic tribe, hunting and gathering for food while growing your population. However the technology system works, one of the first things that should be researchable would be farming which would grant the playing the ability to place a Capital build (tent) and begin to grow food. Then the game can become more of 4X by defending the farms from nomads trying to steal the food and rival tribes who want to take the land you settled from themselves. As this is happening you would continue to research new technology such as bows and stone arrows, better house and defenses, and other things that would give you an advantage but the other tribes will be researching technology too. The society stage will begin when economy is researched adding money.


I think that it is here water comes in. Since all known of life not only emerges out of it but also need it to survive. One reason we are here today is that our forefathers decided to settle down near rivers or other bigger body of water.

It was also thanks to the rivers that we could advance to the gather-hunter phase, we organized ourselves near the riverbank since it provided us with a study supply of water. This phenomena is called โ€œriver valley civilizationโ€ or just โ€œriver cultureโ€.

As a side note; this gave me a Spore flashback. Not only do I remember that one could order tribesmen to go fishing down the river. I also remember how the game itself made a difference between fishing as a herbivore or an omnivore/carnivore by giving algae to herbivores and fish to omnivore/carnivores.

All in all; I think water should get a more central role in the Awakening Stage compared to the Aware Stage. For example smaller huts placed in the body of water, tree boats used for fishing or for smaller two-men transports.


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